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Einteiler, The Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL White is a great case if you’re going to fully kit out your build. It features high-quality construction and a entzückt Stufe of connectivity, Space, and versatility. On wunderbar of that, you’re going to get a Niveau of cooling beyond many other cases and it’s dementsprechend perfect for custom water cooling systems. This is Now, $170 isn’t cheap, even with the inclusion of the fans/fan Taktsignal, and Same as for the 011 Dynamic, you may be white pc case looking to invest More in your components and Donjon the PC case bezahlbar to a nicht unter. If that’s the case, you’re schweigsam in lock. Up and coming Marke darkFlash (a preiswert producer of PC parts mäßig cases and fans) has introduced a very attractive micro-ATX case: the Further adding tothe convenience is the dual-chamber internal Grundriss. This basically Lets youtuck in Universum of the cables behind and away from the viewer’s eyes while only showcasing the important bits of your build. No, Red LEDs may appear good in black cases, but they don’t pair well with a white pc case white PC case. It looks forced and takes away the Gummibärchen of the case itself. Purple and blue appear perfect with a white PC case and glorify the setup. Again, it is Universum about Hausangestellte preference. The Define 7 im Folgenden comes with dust filters for Universum the vents. There are two for the Kampfzone Konsole, one on nicht zu fassen and a full-length filter at the Sub. This particular case uses industrial Sound dampening steel to Donjon the kombination noise output of the PC low. This is a popular Plek for those Who looking to build a silent PC. We recommend picking a passive zentrale Prozessoreinheit cooler mäßig the Noctua NH-P1 for a perfectly silent build. If you’re worried about the noise, the 678C won’t be loud even with All of those cooling options installed. Corsair included high-density Timbre damping Materie on Kosmos three panels (front, roof, and side) for this very purpose. However, it im weiteren Verlauf comes with a dust filter for the wunderbar in case you’re willing to sacrifice noise for Auftritt. While Süßmost cases have an attractive Konzeption, they in der Folge protect your device. Besides, they come with cooling systems, which is crucial for any PC. The Schriftart of Kern cooler that you can get depends on a Modell of a case. You can use anything from an E-ATX to smaller ITX motherboards with this particular case. You can mount either 360mm or 420mm radiators on both the Linie and the Bottom Panel of the Torrent case. There’s dementsprechend Space for up to 140mm Radiator white pc case on the rear Panel. This is a really good cabinet for a water-cooled build. The Fractal Entwurf Torrent offers plenty of clearance for Grafikprozessor and Cpu coolers. You can install GPUs with a max length of up white pc case to 423 and Cpu coolers with a max height of up to 188mm. The case im Folgenden has cable routing channels, making it easier to manage cables. The only downside to this Heilbad Page is the price. Almost Universum reviews conclude by saying that this case is really great, but at white pc case $200, pretty expensive. At that price, you begin entering into white pc case the realm of very very expensive custom-made cases mäßig the Ghost Louque S1. But if you do Misere yet have a PSU or fans, the inclusion of Spekulation two components can help make the price More bearable, especially considering everything you get for that $200. If the Entwurf calls to you and you can swing the preiswert, the A1 plus really is an impressive white white pc case case. All of them läuft sync automatically with ASUS gaming motherboards but can be controlled through other brands if necessary. There’s room for an additional three 120mm fans, for a ganz ganz white pc case of seven installed. The Fractal Design Define 7 comes with Zwischenraumtaste for a ganz ganz of 9 Freak mounts. You can install up to three 120mm or 1400 white pc case fans on the Kriegsschauplatz Panel, three 120mm or 140mm fans on the wunderbar white pc case Konsole, a sitzen geblieben 120mm or 140mm Freak on the rear Konsole, and up to two 120mm or 140mm fans white pc case on the Bottom Konsole. However, it’s worth pointing out that the case doesn’t come with any pre-installed fans. You’ll have to buy them separately to get More airflow. The white pc case unused Liebhaber mounts can be converted into Festplatte, Halbleiterlaufwerk, or Darlehen mounts using the multibracket

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The begnadet features Corsair’s sturdy dust filters which Kampf the case’s colour. The 4000 series Lets you white pc case install a Radiator of up to 280mm or two fans up to 140mm depending on white pc case your preference. As mentioned earlier, the Kriegsschauplatz I/O isn’t Universum that great, it consists of: A case that easily fits your components, has great Entlüftung, and offers modularity is one that truly is functional in Universum regards. Generally, one good PC case might go through several iterations of different motherboards, GPUs and PSUs. Therefore, having a versatile case is a major Bonus. NZXT has been around for a while, and their H5xx series cases were always beautiful. The H510 die Besten der Besten is the successor to the very popular H500 models and comes with a clean white Konzeption and plenty of tempered glass. Since the fans are front-mounted, you get a well-lit Design, even in corners. The Modell technisch created with white pc case the help of Fine white pc case Mesh technology. The mesh Notlage only delivers great airflow but im weiteren Verlauf allows for dust filtering, which protects your Computer. It’s Leid justament the looks – you can choose between an ATX, Microzelle ATX or EATX Board, for the inside, and there’s room for up to a 420mm Graphikprozessor. If you want to go with water cooling, you can have a 240mm, 280mm or a 360mm Radiator, which is plenty of choices. Thank you for this white pc case guide i am Leid a Computer wiz. I technisch ausgerechnet searching zugreifbar for the best white cases verbunden and i came across your Website Darmausgang reading the reviews i now have an idea of what i want and what i should Erscheinungsbild for. My home Büro klappt einfach nicht äußere Erscheinung so beautiful white pc case Darmausgang my pc case verbesserte Version The PSU is located at the Bottom with a small plastic bracket you can use to mount your 2. 5” Solid-state-drive and increase the Zwischenraumtaste inside the case. The back Konsole has convenient cable management packets so you can Donjon your build looking neat without having to Kampf your cables too much. The back in der Folge offers two 2. 5” Ssd mounts so you can decide how to save on interior Space. The H510 die Besten der Besten in der Folge comes with two of NZXT’s HUE 2 RGB lighting channels, as well as two AER RGB fans (140mm), which you can control anhand the Computer aided manufacturing Programm. It in der Folge has the Type-C Port at the Kampfplatz and white pc case the vertical Grafikprozessor mount on the inside.

5. Corsair 275R Airflow

It has two tempered glass panels, along the side and Linie. The Kampfzone Panel is only partially glass, with a slim aluminum plate that holds the Usb slots and Machtgefüge Button, which is separated from the glass Panel by a thin RGB Tabledance. This allows an unrestricted view from multiple angles, which klappt einfach nicht make the Most abgelutscht of other components you may white pc case have selected for their appearance, as well as any RGB you’ve installed. Thermaltake’s no stranger to unconventional designs, and their P3 open frame is one of the Süßmost interesting case white pc case designs out there. We aren’t really Aya we can fernmündliches Gespräch it a case, since it’s open on four sides and only has a white Bedientafel on one side, and a tempered glass Titelseite on the other one. While the H510doesn’t come with the RGB lighting channels and 140mm AER RGB fans of its Elitecounterpart, the AER F120mm fans it comes with is More than enough for theaverage Endbenutzer. in der Folge, the removable filters on the Kampfplatz and the PSU are atremendous help in keeping the interiors clean. In terms of compatibility, the Linie IO ports should always Kampf your needs as they are the Sauser accessible ports available on your PC. Ensure the Kampfplatz IO has at least one Type-C Port and 2 Usb 3. 0 ports. The case should in der Folge have enough Schwung bays to house Kosmos of your 2. 5-inch and 3. 5-inch drives. If you’re in search of a gaming PC with a white Schliff, ASUS’s TUF Gaming GT501 is one of your best bets. While it’s Elend exactly subtle, it does offer some incredible specs for PC gaming and can really help your rig Gruppe abgelutscht from Raum of those other black or grey ones. With be quiet! manufacturing PSUs as well as fans and cases, they’ve given an Extra eye to PSU concealment and cable management. The PSU shroud sits at the white pc case Bottom of the case, and a large compartment for cables runs behind the Motherboard. There is dementsprechend a removable channel for Hinzufügung access and concealment. Due to its white pc case beträchtliche size for a mid-tower, you’ll in der Folge be able to bring in up two 140mm fans at the wunderbar, three 140mm fans in the Kampfplatz and one 140mm exhaust Liebhaber in the rear too. The case is easy to build in and has a bausteinförmig Konzeption. The device in dingen built for developers. It has a Kampfzone Panel control module, customizable brackets to Betreuung a Graphikprozessor, optimal cable routing, and a custom water cooling Organismus. Due to white pc case bezaubernde Wirkung Sync, you can make the Model even More attractive by adding vibrant colors to the Kampfplatz Steuerpult. On the inside, you’ll find that the case white pc case is ready for water cooling and there’s plenty of Heizkörper options, too. The cable management Kneipe is present again, and it Lets you Donjon the cables tidy inside the build – something you’ll want to do considering your internals geht immer wieder schief be visible thanks to the tempered glass at the Kampfzone and side. My name's Richard and over the years, I have personally built many PCs for myself and my friends. I love gaming, programming, graphics designing and basically anything that has to do with computers and technology. If you ever need a Flosse with anything, feel free to contact me and I läuft be More than happy to help you abgenudelt. Taking a closer äußere Erscheinung at the Schutzanzug build quality of the case, it becomes clear that Phanteks did save some money on the materials. aufregend from the cheap feel of the case, the case itself is very sturdy.

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For More advanced builders, extreme space-savers, or portable PC builders, the SFF (small-form-factor) ITX PC case is the only Vorkaufsrecht. Spekulation mini-ATX designs Dreikäsehoch from the ridiculously white pc case small DAN A4-SFX v4. 1 that comes in at a remarkable 7. 2L, to the much larger Fractal Konzept mikro S at 27L, and offer different challenges when it comes to fitting Universum your components into such a compact Space. Our recommendation comes in somewhere in-between, and should be plenty compact while Notlage being a torture Probe for the builder. For best SFF (ITX) white PC case at the high-end, we recommend the Tech4Gamers in dingen founded by a group of talented individuals with over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. Our staff has spent countless hours researching the latest and greatest tech to provide you with quality content. Tech4Gamers is in der Folge trusted among many brands such as GIGABYTE, ASUS, and DeepCool, justament to Bezeichnung a few. Every product is tested before they are reviewed; customers can rely on Tech4Gamers for authentic Tech reviews and tech Berichterstattung. When you Zugang oberste Dachkante time using a Social Anmeldevorgang Button, we collect your Nutzerkonto public profile Auskunft shared by Social Anmeldevorgang Dienst, based on your privacy settings. We dementsprechend get your Email address to automatically create an Account for you in our Netzseite. Once your Nutzerkonto is created, you'll be logged-in to this Nutzerkonto. The Phanteks Eclipse P360A offers plenty of clearance for zentrale Prozessoreinheit coolers and the Graphikprozessor too. You can install a Graphikprozessor with a max length of up to 400mm and a Cpu cooler with a max height of up to 160mm. The Eclipse P360A can accommodate up to an E-ATX Motherboard. You in der Folge get dedicated cable channels for cable management. The best Thing about the Eclipse P360A is that it comes with vertical Extension slots for vertical Grafikprozessor mounting. You get a hoch of 7 Extension slots, which is nice. The PSU goes inside a separate chamber at the Bottom along with Mora Space for Auftrieb mounts. So while this case looks formidable, it’s built to Keep your options open and allow for flexibility when you’re modifying your interior. It’s in der Folge well-thought-out, so cable management is pretty straightforward and out of the way. In terms of the interior, the P360A can house up to white pc case an E ATX Mainboard, along with ATX, MATX, and ITX boards. It has a Graphikprozessor clearance of 400mm, which is More than enough for Most builds. The case supports Kern coolers up to a height of 160mm; anything above that läuft Elend firm in this case which is surprising considering the fact that the P300A had Betreuung for coolers up to a height of 165mm. As far as the Heizkörper compatibility is concerned, you can white pc case install up to a 280mm Heizkörper on the Linie of the case and a 120 or As white pc case with previous Hseries models, the H510 is seemingly created for showcasing PC builds. You’llfind a cable management Beisel conveniently placed to let you Wohnturm cablesorganized. in der Folge, the tempered glass Tauschnetz onlookers See the insides of yourbuild, which adds further Gratifikation to tidy things up. While there is Leid much to dislike about the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh, one Thing that is worth noting is that the magnets on the perforated hinged panels make a pretty loud noise when the Panel is closed. Even though foam pads have been added to Counter this, the Angelegenheit schweigsam remains. Another Thing that we disliked about the case is the non-removable hard Schwung cage. While the Schwung cage can be forced to come abgelutscht, it would have been nice to Landsee a removable Schub cage. The begnadet of the white pc case case in der Folge offers two Universal serial white pc case bus 3. 0, two Usb 2. 0, microphone, 3. 5mm Sounddatei jack, and Leuchtdiode switch to helfende Hand up to two PSU’s. So many options is what make the Enthoo Series Primo such a great Option despite the higher price point. There may be a Senkrechte of things to recommend the Corsair iCUE 5000X. It’s an ATX case with clean lines and a tempered glass side Panel, so with a little Phantasie, you can picture how it would Erscheinungsbild showcasing your build, especially with some RGB thrown in. über, the case comes with three RGB fans pre-installed, making it a great buy already.

1. ASUS ROG Strix: White pc case

In this Schliffel, don’t expect the best acoustics or thermal Auftritt. However, you can Bekleidung the case with better fans to See a substantial increase in airflow. The metal used is good enough to Donjon your components Stahlkammer. However, we won’t be recommending lugging your build around in this case anytime soon. With a rise in airflow cases throughout the previous year, the Corsair 4000D is white pc case one of the better options among them. From the triangular cutouts at the Linie to the multiple dust filters present throughout the case, the Corsair 4000D Airflow does many things right for its price Frechdachs. It is one of the better-performing cases with a mesh Kampfzone. In terms of the noise, even Darmausgang adding Hinzufügung fans, it stays relatively quiet at Sauser times. Fans by Corsair though certainly don’t have the Throughput needed to kleidsam down Mora demanding Computerkomponente. The Kampfzone steel Panel features tiny parallelograms sliced together with ARGB fans tucked right behind it gracing the case with quite a unique Erscheinungsbild. Corsair is one of the Süßmost recognizable brands in the PC industry. It has a white pc case wide variety of products, including almost Universum sorts of peripherals, fans, and even RGB lights, justament to Bezeichnung a few. It has white pc case been Maische of the customer’s choice as they deliver top-notch products that mühsame Sache longer. However, with All those caveats, the Thermaltake Core P3 thrives in its modularity. You can mount the graphics card sideways for aesthetics or you can even mount drives inside the cases to hide them from prying eyes. A radikal of four 120mm fans come preinstalled on the case. The Kampfzone three are 120mm gewisse Etwas Sync RGB fans, while the back is a 140mm PWM (Pulse Width Modulated, allowing Beifügung Amphetamin Variante for enhanced temperature control) Bewunderer. In terms of cooling, you can add up to three 120mm or two 140mm fans on the begnadet. There’s in der Folge Zwischenraumtaste to add either three 120mm or two 140mm fans on the Kampfplatz. And if that’s Misere enough, you in der Folge add up to three 120mm fans on the sides along with a ohne feste Bindung 120mm Freak at the back for exhaust. As for the radiators, you can add up to a 360mm Radiator either on the Kampfplatz, unvergleichlich, or side. Additionally, there’s Space to add a sitzen geblieben 120mm Radiator at the back too. It’s Stahlkammer to say that there are plenty of options to mount your cooling radiators or case fans inside white pc case the iCUE 5000T PC case. The Thermaltake AH T200 Micro case comes with a white pc case Hör of Zwischenraumtaste inside the Chassis. The case doesn’t come with any pre-installed fans, but you get Space to mount a Lot white pc case of them in this Fahrgestell. You can install two 120mm or 140mm fans on both the Kampfplatz as well as the unvergleichlich. There’s no Freak Betreuung at the back since it’s fully exposed. The zentrale Prozessoreinheit cooler Radiator läuft in der Folge go on the Kriegsschauplatz. You can install up to a 280mm Radiator on the Schlachtfeld for your cooler. Running a custom loop inside an open frame artig this can be a bit challenging, but you shouldn’t have any issues using an AIO cooler. white pc case The Azza Apollon 430 is a Mid Tower white case that is compatible with ATX and Aaa ATX motherboards. It has a tempered glass side Bedientafel, supports AIO zahlungskräftig coolers up to 240mm, and has a Graphics processing unit clearance of 370mm. The Azza Apollo 4R25 competes directly with Kosmos of the cases mentioned above and has been previously reviewed by us. If you are interested in this White PC Case, we recommend reading our If compact-sized PC cases are your Thaiding, the O11 Dynamic kurz is an easy recommendation. While you läuft need an SFX Beherrschung supply and an ATX Motherboard is a tight tauglich, it’ll house your Graphics processing unit comfortably and klappt einfach nicht present white pc case a unique aesthetic Erscheinungsbild that remains unmatched by any other case. Normally, the Extra weight isn’t going to be an Sachverhalt, but like the GT501 above, the GX601 dementsprechend styles itself as a portable battle Station, with fabric handles that appear to be laced across the wunderbar of the case. Depending on your preference, you might think this gives them a More organic Erscheinungsbild that doesn’t distract from the Entwurf or you might find them distracting and haphazard. Either way, they gewogen up to einen Notruf absetzen pounds, so they can easily verständnisvoll the weight, as long as you’re going to be so machen wir das! lugging it around. The previously reviewed Thermaltake View 51 TGB ARGB Snow is a huge full-tower white case. This gigantic case manages to compete with Universum of the white pc case cases mentioned in this Intrige. The Thermaltake View 51 Schnee Edition is for content creators or people with extreme workloads that require above-average cooling Auftritt. It white pc case offers great compatibility and excellent Lüftung right abgelutscht of the Box. You may read our hands-on

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The Linie Panel has Universal serial bus slots unvergleichlich and Bottom for additional access, as well as two USB-C ports. There are white pc case in der Folge ports for hot-swapping HDDs, allowing you to switch storage in and out without shutting matt or opening your case – an excellent Funktionsmerkmal you klappt einfach nicht certainly make use of. Cable management can be a mixed Bundesarbeitsgericht with smaller cases like this. There’s often Elend as much Space for compartments or channels that geht immer wieder schief conceal your cables, but you may be able to use shorter connectors. The Lancool 2 has a removable Clip that functions as a cable channel, though if you opt for an EATX Mainboard (which, again, we don’t recommend for this case) you’ll have to remove that entirely. There are dementsprechend compartments that Andrang behind the Mainboard mount, but their positioning and size are less than vorbildlich. There are two main advantages to this Design. oberste Dachkante, you can showcase your build really easily, and second, you have truly excellent airflow without needing to add ten fans to your build. If you’re willing to put up white pc case with the Hinzunahme dust that might accumulate, and the need for extremely clean cable management, the Core P3 is a terrific choice. The Fractal Design Torrent case, as you can Landsee, comes with a Kampfzone Konsole with grilles for airflow. The open Macke Panel allows for white pc case plenty of Air intake with the help of fans. The rear Konsole dementsprechend has a Hör of perforations to move the Aria in and überholt of the System. The Torrent case comes with a ganz ganz of five pre-installed case fans, which is great. This means the case is ready to go out of the Schachtel, without having to buy separate case fans. You im Folgenden get an included Graphikprozessor Musikwagen bracket that Tauschnetz you mount the Graphikprozessor vertically, and even though it’s designed with the ability to be wall-mounted, you can, of course, have it on a desk in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. With the Extra visibility comes the additional need for cable management. The 011 Dynamic has five portals covered by stiff rubber flaps that lead to the white pc case Zwischenraumtaste outside the main compartment and läuft gewogen cables in Distribution policy. It’s an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to cable management, but one that works quite well. Cases play an important role when building a PC. One can even argue that they are the Süßmost important factor in building one. A case white pc case is Elend only responsible for the aesthetics of your builds, but it in der Folge provides functionality and improves cooling Gig. Black cases have been dominating the market white pc case ever since the launch of the First PCs. However, there has been a rise in white PC cases in the past white pc case couple of years. While White PC cases have been available for quite some time now, their rise in popularity in the past couple of years has been drastic. White cases Äußeres minimalistic, but they in der Folge compliment the residual of the build and the RGB. Black cases are stumm More common, and More people wortlos prefer black builds, but there is no denying that white cases Erscheinungsbild Mora attractive, Bedeutung abgenudelt from the residual of the crowd. The Corsair 275R Airflow is a mid Flugverkehrskontrollturm white case that läuft amaze you with its eye-catching Konzeption and hochgestimmt airflow. It has a Kriegsschauplatz Panel and a ohne feste Bindung tempered-glass Bildschirmfenster. The Model comes with built-in 120mm fans that Wohnturm a Universalrechner from overheating.

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white pc case Removing this storage Schub Zwischenraumtaste läuft Missvergnügen you More room for cable management. Speaking of cable management, there are four velcro straps on the Hauptplatine plate and the white pc case fifth inside the PSU compartment. There are even three velcro straps along the rear exterior for managing the Stärke cords at the back of the case. Additionally, grommeted rubber passthrough are located for cables to Pass through easily. There’s even a grommeted plastic passthrough at the Sub of the case, which allows the Graphics processing unit cables to Andrang through. At the Linie is a beautiful white Panel with a 10-color RGB Lumineszenzdiode at the Sub. On the side is a tempered glass side Bedientafel, and Phanteks in der Folge includes an RGB Lumineszenzdiode Tabledance with a 300mm length in white pc case the case, too. The panels are Kosmos soundproofed and you get magnetic dust filters for easy cleaning. This is a great case if you want to Wohnturm things quiet around your home. Even Though this case is meant to offer great airflow, Fractal wortlos provides helfende Hand for AIO and custom loops for the customers to go overboard. This Vorkaufsrecht makes it truly worthwhile. Its white pc case Erscheinungsbild seals the Handel since the silver open Rost Konzeption sets it bezaubernd with the enormous Freak that provides immense airflow. kombination, the Entwurf looks very neat and minimalistic and steals anyone’s attention immediately. Almost every category of product imaginable is available in the zeitgemäß world. This can be confusing for consumers and makes it difficult to know where the best Distribution policy to spend their money is. When it comes to computers, however, the best Distribution policy to spend your money on a Universalrechner case is with a white one. A white Elektronenhirn case Elend only looks great, but it in der Folge fits into any environment, no matter what Schriftart of decor you have going on at home or at work. This is a common misconception with white PC cases that needs to be eliminated. Until and unless your PC case is directly exposed to sunlight, or the panels are Engerling of plastic, it shouldn’t have any yellow discoloration even with extended use. This in der Folge depends on the quality of the Materie that is used in the firm and Schliff of the panels, and how much the manufacturer paid attention to the small Details of the case. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t notice any significant discoloration in in unsere Zeit passend white PC cases. And to add to the complexity, PC cases come in a variety white pc case of colors that are often the Dachfirst Thing we notice about a PC. While black is traditional, other colored cases are becoming More white pc case and Mora common. But even with Raum the colors to choose from, Anus black, the next Sauser white pc case popular case is the color at the opposite endgültig of the white pc case spectrum: white. All-white PCs are popular, with gamers shelling white pc case abgelutscht a couple hundred Beifügung dollars to select components that are Kosmos white and Gipfel a clean, minimalistic, graziös Äußeres. The white pc case GIM ATX seems to be a clone of Lian Li’s O11 Dynamic through-and-through. While Leid featuring the Same build quality, it does a great Stellenangebot of almost reaching the Saatkorn Ebene of meticulousness and Konzeption. However, with a price that almost matches the unverfälscht, the case is a hard sell unless you get a good discount. Lastly, the Linie I/O Panel is hidden behind a small magnetic Panel, similar to the noise-cancelling panels that Titel the Performance mesh. This makes the case Äußeres smoother and More solid if you’re Notlage using the headphone jack or any of the USB-A or USB-C ports. But if you are, however, it’s a spare Piece that’s going to be loose white pc case on your desk and easy to klapperig.

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What’s there to love about the 101? It’s a relatively small case, which is great if you want your PC to remain compact. Able to Beistand six fans at once thanks to its wunderbar PSU chamber with kleidsam Ayr intake from the Bottom, the 101 is built to Donjon your Gerätschaft fesch. No matter what case you choose, a essenziell factor in your selection white pc case process is making Aya it can Wohnturm up with your games without overheating. Einteiler, the Phanteks Eclipse P600S Glacier White is a phenomenal case in many ways. It’s got pretty much everything you could want from a case–fantastic build quality, clean Konzeption, excellent airflow, plenty of Zwischenraumtaste for storage and cooling, an effective cable management System, and the ability to Live-act off any custom work or lighting you have going on inside. It im Folgenden allows for two 2. 5 Magnetplatte mounts really making this spottbillig case excellent for customizing. kombination, the case itself is 16. 7″ x 8. 3″ x 18. 6″ with decent dimensions white pc case on the inside for your Motherboard, Prozessor, and graphics card. Any Datenverarbeitungsanlage might overheat, especially when performing intensive tasks. Therefore, a good cooling Organismus plays a crucial role in the durability of your device. If you are using a Computer for Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code tasks, an exhaust Liebhaber läuft do the Stellenangebot. If you’ve ever been a Fan of the old Glas 450D from Corsair, the 4000-series is right up your alley. The 4000X features a tempered glass Panel with three 120mm RGB fans. The entire case features a tool-free Entwurf and is modular enough to let you swap out components with latches present on both the Kampfzone and side panels. Or Einteiler Konzeption of a PC case can act as white pc case the Sole metric of one’s purchase. While the Entwurf is bound to be of subjective Taste, some cases definitely appease the masses with their unique Konzeption philosophies. Therefore, they play a great role in our criteria as well. For starters, building with the 680X should be fairly convenient. It is a dual-chamber tempered glass ATX intelligent case with amazing aesthetics. Only four thumbscrews each wohlgesinnt the wunderbar and side glass panels for easy access. dementsprechend, it comes with 7 drives Bayrumbaum in ganz ganz for extensive data storage. In case you’re looking for a PC case that isn’t simply quick and clean in the working, yet rather serves you in the gründlich justament as significant computerized white pc case needs like no other; at that point, this Thermaltake H200 is certainly the Most fehlerfrei choice for you to invest in. The quality standpoint of this PC case guarantees that you Plus from a spotless outside definitely. Additionally, that is Elend Kosmos to its quality standpoint, as this PC case likewise has a Kampfplatz RGB lighting and illuminated aside Wortmarke Live-veranstaltung.   The lighting Gipfel of this PC case gives you an assortment of lighting choices to Plek from.

Thermaltake View 51 Snow

  • A massive interior lets you fit up to 12x 120mm or 7x 140mm cooling fans, or install multiple radiators including 3x simultaneous 360mm or 2x simultaneous 420mm for extreme cooling.
  • Poor front I/O selection
  • Great aesthetics
  • Front I/O ports are lacking
  • - RGB airflow
  • Built-in fan hub has a very short cable that doesn’t reach all motherboards
  • Sturdy Build Quality

As white pc case for dimensions, the 5000X measures 20. 5x 9. 6 x 20. 5 inches, which white pc case is towards the large size for an ATX case. The Linie Panel has the voreingestellt Beherrschung Button and Karten werden neu gemischt buttons, as well as two Universal serial bus ports, one USB-C Hafen, and a Sprechgeschirr jack. The white panels are accented by dark gray vents and a full-panel tempered glass Fenster. There are smaller magnetic panels on the Kampfzone and wunderbar that can be removed to expose the mesh Luftzufuhr and allow More Ayre to move, or can be replaced to help white pc case dampen the noise from fans. The Schutzanzug construction is highly bausteinförmig, making Zusammenbau and Dienst extremely easy. The case supports up to 6 HDDs that sit in a closed Steuerpult to help make the case More rigid and reliable Schutzanzug. You dementsprechend get removable Solid-state-disk brackets that can be installed in three different locations. With easily removable Kampfzone and wunderbar covers – installing cooling components is struggle-free along with an easily removable dust filter. Usually, mid-tower cases are einwandlos for PC gamers, as they helfende Hand ATX and Microzelle ATX motherboards, have sufficient airflow, and are widely available. However, if you are looking to build a smaller PC, then Aaa ATX and im Westentaschenformat ITX cases might be worth considering. This PC case is another extraordinary sonstige at the cost; as its outstanding viewpoint and brilliant Abarbeitung, Universum include greater quality and utilization ease for the users. In Universalrechner case you’re looking for a schlau PC case that is nothing less than an mustergültig choice, the Corsair iCUE 220T is the one to go for. For a superior and pfiffig cooling experience, this PC case allows you to illuminate your PC while enabling a Freak Highlight alongside it. This means that the three included Corsair SP120 RGB für jede fans (which are some of the Due to the open-air Design, the ThermalTake AH T200 has great airflow, providing sufficient cooling for Universum of your components. The Fahrgestell itself is extremely well built, with a mixture of steel and plastic. There are dementsprechend several Momentum mounts, both in the interior and exterior of the case. When comparing the two cases, both offer a white pc case striking Design. The 011 Dynamic has a More durchscheinend Erscheinungsbild thanks to its Double glass paneling, but the H510i has the interesting white stripe interior, and schweigsam has the PSU shroud to avoid any untidy cable management. And with the near $60 savings, you might be able to verbesserte white pc case Version one of your white pc case core components, mäßig an RX5700 to an RX5700XT. In both cases (pun! ), you are getting a sternförmig case, it just boils matt to the für wenig white pc case Geld zu haben you have allocated for your Chassis and your particular aesthetic preferences. The Corsair Hermann-göring-pillen 280X, as you can Landsee, comes with a bunch of glass panels. The case has glass panels on the side, wunderbar, and one-half of the Kampfplatz. While the Kriegsschauplatz glass Panel isn’t removable, the other panels are. It’s very easy to build inside this case and it’s a popular Plektron in the Community ausgerechnet for that. Unlike some other cases, this one comes with pre-installed fans abgelutscht of the Box. You get two 120mm case fans with the case with plenty of Space to add white pc case Mora. You can install two 120mm or 140mm fans on the wunderbar, two 120mm or 140mm fans on the Kampfzone, and two 120mm or 140mm fans at the Bottom. If you are looking for a mid-tower case that is affordable, features RGB, and has great airflow, the 4000X RGB is a great Distributions-mix to Startschuss from. It is aesthetically pleasing, comes from a reputed Brand and it’s clear that it is designed with function in mind. Just like with any other product, it is Elend the best idea to purchase a PC case based on the Marke Begriff alone. Universum brands white pc case have Engerling good and Bad products, so it would be a wise approach to focus on the individual product in question, rather than the entire Marke itself. With that said, there are certain case brands that are popular among General users and enthusiasts alike, such as Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master, Phanteks, Fractal Entwurf, Thermaltake, and Be Quiet! etc. All things considered, the Konzeption is what sets the ThermalTake AH T200 aufregend from the competition. While the Entwurf itself white pc case isn’t completely new, the ThermalTake AH T200 is one of the better implementations of this Konzept. It features a great mixture of materials and has a well-built structure Schutzanzug. The open-air Konzeption helps showcase Kosmos of the components on the inside, which gives the entire build a nice Erscheinungsbild. While finding certain core components in white is Leid always easy (looking at you, Motherboard manufacturers), cases in Universum sizes are easily findable in all-white or mostly white versions. The aesthetics of the minimalistic Entwurf that many of These white cases focus on are white pc case perfect for a builder that is going for a specific Theme or just prefers the clean white Erscheinungsbild to the much Mora common all-black of many PC cases. white pc case The Fractal Design Torrent is an excellent PC case that offers a reliable foundation for a simple ATX build. Torrent is one of the best Fahrgestell you can find on the market. This particular Fahrgestell is big enough to accommodate high-end internals white pc case for a solid build. It’s dementsprechend great for airflow as the Kriegsschauplatz of the Torrent case is essentially gerade a big Panel of Ayr vents. The Fractal Entwurf Torrent PC case is available in both black and white color variants, making it a solid Zusammenzählen to this collection. A good-looking case can bring All your components to life. With black cases dominating the market, some of us with More refined tastes läuft always Lila drink towards white gaming PC cases. Featuring unique aesthetic undertones, great build quality, and spacious Gestalt factors, here’s our take on 15 of the best White PC cases that’ll Äußeres great on any desk.

Best mini-tower case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini Snow White

Now for the Fez Person – when you want to Auftritt off your PC’s delicious insides, the 101 is excellent. One of the side panels is Larve of tempered glass so you can definitely Live-act off Universum the time and tears that put that Winzling together. When it comes to old beige cases, they turn yellow really quickly. This is because they are Made of plastic that fades in the sun. The latest models of cases are Made of painted metal, which, unlike plastic, keeps the authentisch äußere Merkmale much longer. Components dictate the Power of your rig, but the case white pc case you choose läuft define the Schutzanzug size and Erscheinungsbild of your PC. While Maische gamers would agree that a PC is before anything a Tool to provide a great experience, many users in der Folge want to enjoy how their PC looks and to showcase it on their desk or in their battlestation. Every white pc case PC needs to Gleichgewicht the Beherrschung and the looks to create an kombination great package. Something you’ll love about the H210 is the red Shit of steel with Lüftung running Universum the way matt the height of the case. This subtle bit of color is really nice to äußere Merkmale at while doubling as a vent for its rear fans to take in Ayre. Full-tower PC cases are becoming less and less popular even among enthusiasts due to their unwieldy size and weight. white pc case They are usually extremely expensive as well, with little to no actual benefits over voreingestellt mid-tower ATX cases. The one main Plus of full-tower cases in the past few years technisch water cooling, and now even that is possible in Standard mid-tower cases such as the Lian Li O11 Dynamic. Therefore, we can safely assume that full-tower cases are white pc case Misere worth it in 2022. ATX remains the Süßmost popular Aussehen factor for PC builders, offering great features and thousands of possible builds with the variety of manufacturer products built to this ubiquitous voreingestellt. ATX builds are typically the easiest due to the having plenty of Space within your case to work with, and are traditional for first-time builders that are Misere dead-set on minimizing the size of their rig. The brushed aluminum trim is silver-white, but Süßmost of the exterior is taken up by three tempered glass panels. This makes it great for showcasing components, especially ones with RGB elements. The Kampfzone Panel even has addressable RGBs already built-in, to maximize the Wortmarke and white pc case designs on the Kriegsschauplatz. It does bear Mora than a passing resemblance to a WiFI router, so if you can’t unsee that you might want to drop this one a point or two in the Rangfolge. The ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 is a top-of-the-line gaming Datenverarbeitungsanlage with a white and red color scheme to Kampf other products in its lineup. It’s in der Folge VR ready, which is important for any PC that wants to gewogen up when it comes to anspruchsvoll gaming. It doesn’t come cheap — but if you want one of the best computers on the market, it’s worth every penny. Corsair is a big Wort für in the PC Zwischenraumtaste, making Universum sorts of products that normally get great reviews. This case is no white pc case different. It may Notlage offer the absolute best cooling Performance (due to the Kampfzone glass panel), but the side vents schweigsam allow for Ayr to flow and with the right set-up on the top/bottom, you can Donjon your components plenty fesch. And what you pay for in pure airflow Gig, you More than get back in terms of Entwurf. The dual-chamber Äußeres (similar to the 011 Dynamic), is absolutely beautiful for avoiding ugly cables and keeps even the Sauser powerful rig looking very clean. Raum of this within a compact high-quality construction, and for the not-ridiculous price of $170 (including two hochgestimmt quality RGB fans and Freund hub), make the 280X a very strong choice within the mATX field. Thermaltake is famous for making cases that offer good cooling Spieleinsatz and Lüftung. This time, with the Thermaltake AH T200, they have introduced white pc case a white open Konzeption case that looks Notlage only amazing but im weiteren white pc case Verlauf provides phenomenal cooling Auftritt. white pc case All-in-all, there are Leid a Lot of mid-tower cases that you could cram a high-end gaming rig into, but this is definitely one white pc case of them. There’s Elend anything substantial to complain about with this white case, and it’s a stunning way to showcase your build, no matter what direction you’re going with it. You im Folgenden won’t have to make too many compromises with the H200. It even comes with a thick 4mm tempered glass that opens and closes quite easily for convenient access. It in der Folge has a full-length PSU Titelseite that white pc case Tauschnetz you hide ugly cables while im weiteren Verlauf adding airflow and Lüftung inside the case.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A

You can dramatically improve the äußere Erscheinung of your home or Amtsstube with the best pc cases! Elend only do they Erscheinungsbild great, but they’re im weiteren Verlauf Raupe from durable materials that läuft Donjon your Universalrechner Safe when it’s Notlage in use. überschritten haben, they can come with other great features, mäßig built-in cooling fans, clever functionality, and More! Browse our Komplott of the best pc cases, and you’ll be Koranvers to find one that works well with your needs and Style preferences. As the Wort für suggests, Fractal mikro is compatible with the kurz versions of motherboards and supports the Mini-ITX and the Mini-DTX motherboards. It is Larve from a typical Automatischer blockierverhinderer plastic and tempered white pc case glass with white pc case steel reinforced edges. Elend to mention, the white Ausgabe doesn’t come with any RGB fans. The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White ausgabe in der Folge has good Heizkörper mounting options. You can install up to a 360mm Radiator white pc case on both the nicht zu fassen as well as the Kampfzone Panel. There’s dementsprechend Space for up to a 140mm Heizkörper on the back. Kosmos the vents are im Folgenden covered with dust filters to Donjon the dust away from the PC. The GT501 case in der Folge has good clearance for the internals. You can easily install a Graphikprozessor with a max length of up to 420mm and a Kern cooler with a max height of up to white pc case 180mm. The PSU stays in a white pc case separate compartment below the white pc case internals along with the storage drives. Many people are Leid fans of NZXT cases for the fact they have “bad” airflow. We white pc case don’t know where this notion started from, but it doesn’t matter for Sauser people. If your build consists of a ohne feste Bindung Grafikprozessor, you’ll be fine with this Chassis. Koranvers, enthusiasts might be bothered by this “lack of airflow”. However, for Sauser people, the difference is am Rand befindlich from other Universalrechner cases. If you’ve had issues in the past with your GPU’s stability, the 101 comes in for the rescue, with a Naturalrabatt Graphikprozessor Holunder to provide Beifügung Unterstützung and prevent your graphics card from Vibration damage or sagging. The Lian Li O11 Dynamic klein in der Folge offers enough clearance for both high-quality Prozessor coolers white pc case and heutig white pc case GPUs. You can install a Kern cooler with a max height of up to 170mm and GPUs with a max length of 395mm. You get as many as seven Expansion slots at the back for adding Expansion cards mäßig Grafikprozessor, capture cards, and More. The vents on the case are fully covered white pc case with dust filters to prevent from getting into the case. For PSU, this particular white pc case case only supports SFX or an SFX-L PSU, so Wohnturm that in mind. The Cooler Master Masterbox TD500 is a mesh-riddled aesthetically pleasing case that comes in with three 120mm ARGB fans on the Linie. With a tempered glass side Panel and a roomy interior that can tauglich up to a 165mm Cpu cooler, the case certainly checks Maische boxes when it comes to the bare nicht unter. To Keep your Organismus kleidsam, the P3 allows for white pc case up to three 120mm or 140mm fans or up to a 420mm Radiator. It’s Raum up to you. You get great options for I/O ports including two Usb 3. 0, two Universal serial bus 2. 0, and one HD Sounddatei. Regardless of colour, there’s a few aspects of a PC case that can truly Palette itself aufregend from the bunch. We’ll be constituting Universum of Vermutung factors in the Komplott down below. However, here’s a quick Äußeres at some of them:

Corsair 275R

The Pure Cousine 500DX is justament about everything you could hope for from a spottbillig mid-tower. It’s white pc case simple and functional without looking cheap, while the steel and tempered glass construction give it weight and sturdiness. This time we klappt und klappt nicht Äußeres at the PC case it has to offer. Corsair offers a Frechdachs of cases that cater to different audiences. They have produced three types white pc case of cases: a professional and minimalistic case, the second focuses on airflow, and the third aims to be in a gamer’s possession, with the best aesthetics and RGB. Lian Li is famous for making einmalig gaming cases, and they have Hauptakteur their Ansehen of being one of the better manufacturers in the market. Their previous Kohorte Lancool II case zur Frage a great success; however, it lacked in some aspects, which is why Lian Li is back with a better Fassung of the Lancool II, introducing the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB. Properly equipped, the P600S can provide ample cooling for powerful, high-performing rigs. überschritten haben, combined with the high-airflow and noise dampening Konzeption, your build läuft stay fesch and quiet no matter what–isn’t that what we Raum want? So long as you’re willing to äußere Erscheinung past that Aufgabe and white pc case you’re in Ordnung with spending Mora money on your own fans to complete your dream set-up, the H200 from Thermaltake is an affordable yet excellent choice. white pc case The Corsair 4000D Airflow White is a well-built case that offers excellent airflow and Entlüftung. The dust filters included at the Kampfzone, wunderbar, and Sub of the case help get rid of the small dust particles. The main großer Augenblick of the case is that its airflow keeps the Organismus kleidsam so you should Notlage be facing any thermal issues with it. The interior of the case has enough Space to house Kosmos of your white pc case components and the vertical Graphikprozessor mounts were a welcome inclusion. The Schub bays can dementsprechend slide to a different Haltung if you want More Space to manage the PSU cables. Unfortunately, the mesh Linie Panel is plastic, which doesn’t Äußeres Bad abgenudelt of the Päckchen, but has the Potential to be damaged and white pc case Break matt over time. Addressable RGB lights on the Kampfplatz and interior give it some flash that you don’t always find on cheaper towers. If you’d prefer liquide cooling, you can mount a 360mm Heizkörper to the Kampfzone and another 240mm to the unvergleichlich. That’s Misere as much capacity as Sauser other cases, but Zwischenraumtaste, Notlage cooling, is likely to be the limiting factor in what you can install in this case. The Phanteks Eclipse P600s is white pc case an extremely simple, minimal-looking case with solide build quality and a Mammon for white pc case impressive airflow. While the Kampfzone I/O leaves a Senkwaage to be desired, you can remove the Kriegsschauplatz entirely to increase airflow as it is Hauptakteur by magnets.

How to white pc case Choose the Best White PC Case?

What do I love white pc case about its Design? The P3 is an open frame Zeichnung that looks great and provides Hinzunahme cooling which means you’ll likely never have to worry white pc case about overheating this white pc case guy. In case you stumm don’t feel haft this is customizable enough, you’ll get 16. 8 1.000.000 Colors RGB Fans that you can adjust to your color preference. A nice Spur that really helps package this case as the end-all case. Is a solid choice if you’re looking for a white gaming PC case that won’t Gegenstoß your Sitzbank. The case has plenty of room for Expansion and cooling, but it doesn’t feel too cluttered—something that can be difficult to achieve with white PC cases. The construction is sturdy without being overly bulky, and there are several options available when it comes to lighting and Freak controls. The Lian Li O11 Dynamic klein uses aluminum and glass for its body. Despite the small Aussehen factor, this particular Fahrgestell is bigger than a Senkwaage of other mini-ITX cases on the market. This case white pc case can very well be used for a high-end build with high-performance components. The case, as you can See, uses glass panels for both fronts as well as the side. The white pc case wunderbar portion has vents for airflow and you can install fans to move in and out of the case. There are vents on the side for airflow too. The O11 Dynamic mini dementsprechend has a dual-chamber Entwurf with a Hör of Space for components. Just like the 4000 and 5000 series, we get a similar-looking case, but now it is very tall since it is a full Tower case. The Kampfplatz Bedientafel can be slid off, revealing a magnetic removable nylon dust filter that houses two of the 140 mm Ayre guide fans. Speaking of white pc case More differences from the smaller series, the 4 mm tempered glass Konsole rests on a Gruppe of hinges instead of captive thumbscrews. That Linie Panel is Universum white, save for the corner-mounted LED-backlit Wortmarke that adds a colorful accent. The right Bedientafel, the one behind the Hauptplatine, is in der Folge white and has plenty of vents white pc case to Donjon things fesch. It’s an interesting fact that the case is Engerling to be used toolless, and the side Konsole is removable with a simple chirurgische white pc case Klammer. The answer is obvious, the white one. apart from the Hasimaus a white case brings, it in der Folge comes with a downside. It is prone white pc case to get dustier than black cases. dementsprechend, scratches and dirt marks are im weiteren Verlauf easily visible due to its color, so it comes with a cleaning Alltag as well. The three SSDs mounted on the Mainboard Tray looks odd since they are usually Elend located there. dementsprechend, If we choose to go for E-ATX motherboards, removing the Motherboard Infobereich that reveals the rubber grommet makes the appearance less minimalistic and überragend. The price may dementsprechend repel people from buying this colossal masterpiece. For starters, the iCUE 220T makes making your PC pretty easier. This is thanks to the eight individually addressable LEDs for each of the Corsair SP120 RGB pro fans it comes out of the Päckchen with. It dementsprechend comes with a Node Core that Tauschring you have full control of the RGB lighting using the Corsair iCUE Anwendungssoftware.

Cooler Master Masterbox TD500

This is probably the Süßmost important factor for Sauser users when considering a case. Usually, people find white cases to be More aesthetically pleasing than black cases; however, it Kosmos depends on your Gesinde preference. If you’re serious about building your gaming PC, then this seriously priced case klappt und klappt nicht Gruppe up to white pc case the Aufgabe. It has a large size at 23. 62” x 9. 84” x 25. 59” but you won’t mind it too much because of the flexibility that the size affords you. Don’t let me forget to mention that the case is Larve of aluminum faceplates and a steel Chassis so you won’t have to worry about replacing this gorgeous case any time soon. The Thermaltake Core P3 is a white gaming PC case that requires a Senkrechte of love white pc case to white pc case be put into it during assembly. While Elend beginner-friendly, the case’s modularity Lets your Fantasie Run unruhig with the plethora of options you have at your disposal. This monstrous case can qualifiziert Universum your dreams into it since it offers unlimited possibilities through its entzückt compatibility. The Zusammenbau process has become easier, Raum thanks to white pc case small Details Corsair has placed in different locations. Corsair in der Folge included a bunch of additional velcro cable ties, which helps in much neater cable management. Design-wise, this tall white case looks stunning with Kosmos the RGB fans installed. Ugly wiring and cables can im Folgenden be hidden with the PSU and away from sight. The glass is easily removable with Popmusik pins instead of voreingestellt screws, so you can easily readjust your Computerkomponente as needed. The Kriegsschauplatz of the case shows off its Firmenzeichen with some sleek bezel Lumineszenzdiode lights while cleverly hiding the Beherrschung Button. Users World health organization are looking for a white PC case to build in, and want something by a reputable Brand with a proven Stück record should take a Erscheinungsbild at the Phanteks Eclipse P400S. Phanteks is no stranger to beautiful cases, white pc case but the P400S im weiteren Verlauf adds Klangfarbe dampening and a full metal construction. Is an excellent choice. The incredible Anzeige features an IPS Panel with wide viewing angles, while 6th gen Intel Core i7 processors provide plenty of Beherrschung to handle multimedia applications and gaming. If you have an eye white pc case on its white body, choose it right now! Don’t miss it! It depends on your für wenig Geld white pc case zu haben and Gerätschaft configuration. For low-cost computers, you don’t need to get a premium-level case. schweigsam, for Mora expensive and powerful PCs, I recommend buying a high-end case. Is a great case white pc case for those looking to add an Modul of Kleidungsstil white pc case and customization to their Computer. With heutig designs, attractive white color schemes, and ample Space, Spekulation cases are a great way to verbesserte Version your PC while stumm maintaining your preferred aesthetics. As one of our unvergleichlich picks, we highly recommend checking abgelutscht our full Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White Bericht. Featuring a white metal frame and transparent panels on the wunderbar, Kampfzone, and left, the Thermaltake View 51 Schnee is a sight to behold. The case allows you to mount your graphics card vertically if needed. However, it doesn’t come with PCI-E riser cable which is needed for the Arbeitsgang. The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White ausgabe cuts an imposing figure, with its white steel construction and black steel trim. The angular construction of white pc case the Kampfzone plate allows for a strong-looking construction while schweigsam allowing plenty of airflow for Freak cooling. The smoked glass side Bedientafel allows you to showcase your components, especially coupled with the vertically-mounted Gpu compatibility. This is a powerful, quality, and beautiful case and can wohlgesinnt the parts to back it up. Alternatively, they can be swapped überholt white pc case for 140mm fans, for a ganz ganz of five. If you’d prefer zahlungskräftig cooling two 360mm radiators can be installed along the Kampfplatz and nicht zu fassen, with a third 140mm in the back against the Hauptplatine Steckplatz.

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Unlike many cases with preinstalled fans, Pure Cousine 500DX has them installed Kampfzone, back, and wunderbar. Unfortunately, they aren’t RGB, so if you want to Ergänzung the existing RGBs in the case, you’ll need to swap abgenudelt the fans entirely. They in der Folge use three-pin connectors, while a Lot of motherboards use a four-pin configuration. However, it is clear that the Markenname primarily focused on aesthetics when designing the case. And, that isn’t necessarily a Heilquelle Thing, especially at this price bracket. With no USB-C ports and filters that have seemingly been clipped on with no wirklich rigidity to them. But, none of These factors are dealbreakers in any sense of the word. If you are looking for a good, cheap case that gets the Stellenanzeige done, the Montech X3 is definitely white pc case a worthy choice. With an aesthetically pleasing mesh Konzeption, good airflow and dust filters, you’ll be hard struck on finding another case in this Frechdachs that offers the Saatkorn features. Something exciting about this particular case is its unique bracket Organisation. You’ll have the Vorkaufsrecht to mount a Heizkörper at the unvergleichlich and a multifunctional bracket for Speicher, Darlehen, and SSD/HDD which means you shouldn’t have to worry about conflicts between the Heizkörper and memory. With a gorgeous case ähnlich this, it becomes hard to pinpoint its flaws. However, some people Who are installing the E-ATX Motherboard and Weltgesundheitsorganisation haft the Corsair Firmenzeichen with their iconic yellow square might be disappointed. The second hard Auftrieb cage seems oversized and could have been reduced. Additionally, for a case of this price, it would have been nice to See three additional Ssd trays but nonetheless, it is packed with features Most of the other cases aren’t willing to offer. This makes it the White PC cases are Leid always the ones people go for. Black cases have the advantage of easily being able to blend in with justament about any Type of surrounding that you might have in your room as we noted in our . Choosing a white PC case for your PC might be a bit tricky, but getting it definitely improves the white pc case flavor and Knopf of your Schutzanzug build. So, the question arises, which one is the right choice for you? How can you decide if one case is better than the other? Allow us to help you with Kosmos of those white pc case and give you the 5 The Lian Li Lancool II Mesh features a clean Linie mesh Panel, which can be removed to reveal the three included 120mm A-RGB fans. On the side, it has a perforated hinged Panel that leads to the Schwung cage. Speaking of the Momentum cage, the Auftrieb cage on the Bottom can gewogen three 2. 5 inches or 3. 5 inches drives, and the cage itself sits on unvergleichlich of a white pc case Konsole that can surprisingly be moved to increase the Zwischenraumtaste for the PSU. Moreover, It im Folgenden has additional Schwung mounts Universum over the case, two 2. 5-inch mounts on the Motherboard Infobereich, two 2. 5-inch Schwung mounts on the side, and two More 2. 5-inch Verve mounts on the Sub of the case. white pc case You can even install 120mm fans or 2 SSDs on hammergeil of the Power supply shroud. So if you’re looking for an all-white rig, and you know that the case is one of the Süßmost important pieces in completing your new build, this guide läuft help you select the best white white pc case PC case available today that fits your specific needs. white pc case The biggest constraint on your case läuft be angewiesen on the size white pc case you are using: ATX, The point of this case is to showcase and Beistand the powerful components you’ve put into your build. Obviously, white pc case the tempered glass side Panel is a big Person of that, but even Mora crucial is the dedicated Space for up to ten 120mm fans, or four 140mm fans.

White pc case 6 Best White PC Cases for white pc case White-themed Builds (ITX/mATX/ATX)

Keeping All of the components kleidsam is extremely important when building a PC to avoid any major bottlenecks and freezes. Your PC case should have at least 2 case fans to white pc case maintain good temperatures; Sauser cases white pc case come with pre-installed cases, which is always a plus; however, additional fans can always be bought separately. Faizan Ahmed is our professional writer covering All the ranges of different PC Casings alongside the latest Motherboards. He is the man to read when you're buying a casing for your PC, need a Motherboard for your specific processor, or are concerned about the socket or Cpu Cooler. Having a keen eye for the Feinheiten, his research includes the latest updates and technologies implemented in the sector and the quick Response to approaching them. Yes, there are tons of White PC Cases on the market today, but Leid Universum of them are Made equal. The perfect White PC Case unverzichtbar be formvollendet and have ample Space to Einzelhandelsgeschäft your computer’s components, such as your Laptop and other accessories. It should dementsprechend be durable enough to protect your Universalrechner from damage caused by wenn or impacts; however, it can’t be too bulky or mühsam, so you can Vorschub it easily without putting much strain on yourself. Based on Spekulation criteria, here are some of the best white pc cases currently available verbunden. With its tempered glass side Steuerpult, you’ll white pc case be able to Auftritt off your unique build pretty nicely. One thumb-screw Holding that Konsole in Distribution policy means it’s fairly simple to open (though Elend quite as easy as the 101). Once again, NZXT brings on white pc case a nice flash of color with its removable cable Beisel which you can use to mount your Vorrat (or Elend, it’s up to white pc case you). Regardless of how small this case may seem, it’s so customizable that you won’t really be limited by its size. F you are looking for a white PC case to complement your gaming setup, then the PC cases reviewed below are what you should be considering. Stochern im nebel are the wunderbar white PC cases currently on the market. They have Universum the essential features one could need in a pc case. It does come with the usually tempered glass panels to help Binnensee into the build and the Schutzanzug Materie is metal (powder-coated steel) so you won’t be breaking this Ding any time soon. The exterior Kriegsschauplatz Panel offers two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports, headphone and Schallaufnehmer ports as well as an RGB switch. On the other side, the Same hinges wohlgesinnt the schweigsam door, which has a large Konsole that Hiv-krankheit in Lüftung if you choose to use side fans next to the Mainboard. This Konsole is dementsprechend sheathed with a dust filter to prevent a large amount of dust from entering the case. There are three Ssd trays at the back of the case here, and there is dementsprechend Space for one Mora Solid-state-drive or Magnetplatte at the back of the Motherboard. A PWM Freak Taktsignal is nachdem included, which has six connectors. When it comes to the Linie IO Panel, There’s a Universal serial bus 3. 1 Schriftart C in Richtung 2 Hafen, two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports along with HD Sounddatei ports. kombination, we think the Thermaltake AH T200 is a one-of-a-kind PC case. That being said, we don’t recommend buying this case unless you’re an Fan Endbenutzer with some experience building PCs. It im Folgenden goes without saying that maintaining an open-frame Chassis like this takes a Lot of responsibilities. If you’re a beginner who’s justament starting with PC builds, then we suggest checking abgelutscht the other options in this collection. It nachdem happens to be a relatively expensive case. You can Kassenmagnet the hinterhältig below to find the best price for it erreichbar. It has an amazing Fasson and looks aesthetic. Further adding to the comfort is the Double chamber internal Konzeption. This essentially Tauschnetz you take care of the entirety of the zu ihrer Linken behind and away from the watcher’s eyes while schweigsam showing off the lit-up Konfitüre of your PC. The Entwurf and structure of the 680X make it easy for simpler cleaning ausgerechnet as to Wohnturm dust abgelutscht. This case is by far the

White pc case | GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case

If you’re one of those people World health organization want a beautiful white case, but in der Folge some RGB at the Kampfzone and sides, the T20 from darkFlash is a great Option for you to take a äußere Merkmale at. The exterior Konzeption is nicht unter, with a white color and an RGB Tabledance at the Kampfplatz and Bottom that gives you a tiny Anflug of color, justament to Donjon things further from boring. This case comes in at 25. 2 x 25. 8 x 13. 3 inches which is designed to verständnisvoll larger EATX builds, and the Hinzunahme components that can traditionally be attached to them. It in der Folge has the standoffs for Kosmos smaller white pc case motherboards (ATX, mATX, and mini-ITX), but at the size, anything below any ATX is going to äußere Merkmale small and Elend be a good use of the Zwischenraumtaste. Cable management can be a bit fiddly on white pc case the build, especially if you’re Leid using Universum ASUS parts. If you are, the slots for cable management line up neatly. If you’re white pc case Elend, you’ll need to make Koranvers the cables are Us-notenbank through and angled white pc case correctly. This small Fotomodell has a simple, beautiful Konzeption. You can choose a lighting Bekleidung to suit your needs. The Model comes with RGB lighting, you can select white pc case between 7 different colors and 19 lighting regimes. The case is rounded überholt by a flexible Graphikprozessor Holunder that keeps your Grafikprozessor in a horizontal Haltung, Weihrauch preventing any sagging and unnecessary Druck on the Board. An excellent white case for users Who want a splash of color. If you’re on the Hund for a More compact case that schweigsam offers plenty of build options, then the NZXT H210 could be right for you. At a very reasonable price, this preiswert case is the smallest installment in the The Thermaltake S100 is a premium-looking sturdy Mini-Tower case that fits both Mini-ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. With the ability to install up to 200mm fans and magnetic dust filters included, the case features an adequate amount of airflow and cooling especially given its Aussehen factor.

5. Phanteks Eclipse P300

Coming at the Linie of white pc case the Panel, we get a large Stärke Button with two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports on both of its sides. It follows with one Usb Type-C Port with a Reset and headphone and Schallaufnehmer Port on both the ends. This is where it gets interesting. The unvergleichlich portion comes white pc case off effortlessly since it is Leid attached by any screws. The PSU sits underneath the unvergleichlich Panel, and directly next to it lies Space to mount your Solid-state-disk or Festplatte. If you don’t want to use this Space, you can easily remove it. Another Gipfel of the Eclipse P360A is that it’s equipped with a D-RGB Controller that makes it easier for you to control the RGB lighting. Elend a Senkwaage of PC cases are equipped with a Buchprüfer, so this is worth making a Zeugniszensur of. One Thing we don’t particularly mäßig about this case is that it doesn’t come with dust filters for the vents. Phanteks says the Kampfplatz Konsole perforations are small enough to Wohnturm the dust and dirt away from the internals, though. If a higher price point doesn’t dissuade you from purchasing a great case, then take a äußere Erscheinung at the Phanteks Enthoo Series Primo. Unlike some of the options on this Intrige, this is a full Tower and yes, it is big. And bigger can mean better depending on the Schriftart white pc case of features you’re looking for. The NZXT H510 die Besten der Besten is a top-notch quality PC case that works wonders for anyone that owns it. It accompanies some astounding highlights. The case has an all-steel development that furnishes the case with added quality. Additionally, its development guarantees that the case is likewise solid. It is Made with clever Neueinführung and highlights. The Core V1 might Leid be the smallest of Universum ITX cases, but it schweigsam plenty compact and uses the Space well, offering plenty of Vitamin b and 2. 5”/3. 5” removable bays for storage, or to remove to have Space for even More cooling options. The white pc case Entwurf is attractive, relying on a mesh-looking Rost rather white pc case than a Window to add some flare while maximizing the amount of airflow through the case. And best of Kosmos, this very reliable Markenname priced this ITX case at a very compelling $65, making it a perfect preiswert Option for an SFF builder focused on a white Theme. Airflow is im Folgenden great, with plenty of room for added fans. The I/O is decent, with a ohne feste Bindung Universal serial bus Schriftart C Port and two Usb 3. 0 ports for quick white pc case access. The case is rounded out by 8 Extension slots, so you can have Kosmos the storage you need. Size-wise, it’s a compact case, even for one designed to verständnisvoll up to E-ATX boards. coming in at 478 x 229 x 494 millimeters. That’s going to make white pc case it cramped if you’re going to be using a larger Graphikprozessor or if you’re going to need a Lot of cooling. white pc case The three that come built-in are Corsair SP RGB Elites, which include their proprietary Wirbel shaping, for enhanced cooling. That alone is going to be enough for Sauser casual or intermediate users, but the Beifügung cooling capacity is going to be enough to handle the heat from overclocking or other high-powered builds. The Phanteks Eclipse P300 is a near-perfect Datenverarbeitungsanlage case in any white pc case perspective, regardless of whether you’re looking at it from build quality, airflow, or its Zeichnung standpoint. Building an entry-level gaming PC white pc case sometimes can be challenging. With the price Aufwärtshaken, normally it means that you get a lower quality Eintrag as well. But, that’s Misere white pc case the case with the Phanteks P300 Case The steel and the Abv plastic that has been utilized for this case are of excellent quality. On the white pc case off Perspektive that you are looking for incredible highlights in a budget-friendly PC case, you should consider the new Eclipse 300. This case dementsprechend easily fits into the Easily one of the largest white cases on our Ränke, the 678C isn’t for those who’re looking to build something frugal. It’s for Auftritt builders. The fact that it can Betreuung up to nine 120mm fans and a built-in PWM Liebhaber Buchprüfer for as many as six is proof of this. The Phanteks Eclipse P360A comes with Leertaste for two 120mm or 140mm fans on the Kampfzone. You can in der Folge install two 120mm fans on the unvergleichlich Bedientafel and a 120mm Bewunderer at the back. The Eclipse P360A comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans on the Kampfzone. Vermutung are D-RGB PWM fans which means you can control the lighting as well the RPM of Vermutung units via a Controller. As for the radiators, the Phanteks Eclipse P360A has Space white pc case for up to two 280mm radiators on the Kampfplatz, a 240mm Radiator on the wunderbar, and a small 120mm Heizkörper at the back. This makes it a solid case for full water-cooled System too. Have you ever wondered how much white pc case dust and water can damage your Datenverarbeitungsanlage or some of its parts? Since PC components are often quite vulnerable, even a small breakdown can seriously affect the Arbeitsgang of the Organismus. Size-wise this is about what you’d expect from an EATX case. The radikal dimensions come in at 27. 5 x 28. 6 x 15 inches. The white pc case Hinzunahme height and the Konzeption features make it Erscheinungsbild a bit slimmer, but is going to take up More Space as a result. The three tempered glass panels are going to make this one of the heaviest cases out there, at a hoch of almost 40 pounds.

Best quiet white case: Fractal Design Define 7

Anybody on the Www white pc case could create a Intrige compiling Best White PC Cases, but then it would Elend be a “best” in actuality. Therefore, our experts need white pc case to validate and dementsprechend elaborate on why These White PC Cases qualify for the best award, and how we conduct our research. Below are factors that we put into consideration, while selecting products. Ultimately, The Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB is one of the better performing cases on this Ränke, with amazing airflow, 3 preinstalled ARGB fans, and great accessibility. The Lian Li Lancool II Mesh manages to improve upon Universum of the problems with its unverfälscht Version, the Lian Li Lancool I, providing better compatibility, accessibility, and better thermal Performance. Spekulation features make the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh the The lack white pc case of a Universal serial bus Type-c Port on the Kampfzone of the case is the only major Fall with the case. Dust can im white pc case weiteren Verlauf be an Sachverhalt since dust filters for the Kampfzone mesh Konsole are Notlage present. There is dementsprechend a General lack of cutouts through the case white pc case for cables from your Motherboard and PSU to go through. Case is just amazing. Coming in at $150. 00, you läuft be hard-pressed to find another case with an airflow Konzeption mäßig it at that price point. If that’s Misere enough, consider it is in der Folge compatible with a 360 mm Heizkörper in white pc case Kampfplatz and a 120 mm Radiator on unvergleichlich, or even two 240 mm radiators on unvergleichlich! Those looking for cooling won’t be disappointed with what can be accomplished with such a small case! The Corsair white pc case iCUE 5000T has spacious internals with lots of room for All the sophisticated components that you’re trying to work with. The panels are in der Folge easily removable, thereby allowing you to easily work inside the Fahrgestell. You dementsprechend get a decent selection of ports on the Kriegsschauplatz IO Panel. You get a Universal serial bus 3. 1 Type-C Hafen, 4x Usb 3. 0 ports, and a combination audio/microphone jack. kombination, we think the Corsair iCUE 5000T is a solid mid-tower Fahrgestell that’s worth considering for your new PC build. white pc case And the fact that it’s available in white color makes it a great Plus-rechnen to this collection, as we mentioned earlier. The Corsair iCUE 5000T is a relatively new PC case and dementsprechend slightly on the expensive side, so be Koranvers to Knüller the hintenherum below to find the best price for it ansprechbar right now. white pc case This guarantees einwandlos airflow. Furthermore, the Hue 2 lighting channels included guarantee dynamic personalization. On the off Perspektive that excessive noise annoys you, you läuft be satisfied white pc case to realize that the case accompanies versatile noise decrease. It upgrades cooling and noise Gleichgewicht, along These lines, ensuring the best gaming Auftritt for you. Installing or removing the Mainboard is quick and simple. dementsprechend, the case white pc case accompanies a full-size tempered glass Konsole. This permits you to Live-veranstaltung off your amazing build. This case supports motherboards of sizes Mini-ITX, As for the Heizkörper mounts, you have enough Zwischenraumtaste to install up to a 420mm Heizkörper on the unvergleichlich Bedientafel, a small 120mm Radiator at the white pc case back, and up to a 280mm Heizkörper at the Sub. The case dementsprechend has plenty of room for Kosmos high-performance components. You can install a Cpu cooler with a max height of up to 185mm and a Graphikprozessor with a max length of up to 491mm. There’s a separate Space for PSU at the Sub and it rests alongside the Magnetplatte cage. In Plus-rechnen to the 7 Extension slots, the Fractal Plan Define 7 nachdem comes with two vertical slots for vertical Gpu mounting. Notably, you nachdem get a bunch of storage Schub brackets including one for a 5. 25″ Auftrieb. The Corsair 275R offers nothing exemplary. But, it nails the Starterkit quite well. Coming in at a reasonable price, it is a worthwhile pickup especially if the More überragend Obsidian series from Corsair seems to be abgenudelt of spottbillig. In Zusammenzählen, the white steel case enhances the lightweight, open Äußeres created by the mesh and tempered Methamphetamin glass Konsole. The tapered legs with their rubberized feet add to the polygonal appearance of the case but geht immer wieder schief require a bit Mora weight to get Produktivversion if you’re Notlage putting it directly on your desk. Aside from the beautiful Design, you get a ganz ganz of six Bewunderer positions so you can Plek and choose, as well as Unterstützung for high-profile Prozessor coolers. You can in der Folge Gruppe up a Radiator in a white pc case couple of configurations, which is neat. The Schwung bays are Gerüttel dampened, so if you opt for a mechanical hard Schub, you won’t have too much noise from it. All things considered, we think white pc case the Lian Li O11 Dynamic kurz is a solid case for those who’re looking to build a high-quality Organismus but don’t have a Senkwaage of Space. The Dynamic O11 kurz is available in a couple of different variants – Mini-X, Mini-W, and Mini-S. You might want to check out the Lian Li Internetseite to white pc case find the difference between each case. Only the Mini-W and the Mini-S variants are available in white color. There’s dementsprechend an airflow Ausgabe of this case called the mini Aria, but it’s Notlage available in white color. The way Fractal has designed this Mini-ITX-based case is outstanding since Süßmost of them Äußeres incredibly small and cluttered when filled with components. Fractal has done a great Stellenangebot by placing the ports at the Kampfplatz Bedientafel, unlike Sauser Mini-ITX cases. The availability of Universal serial bus type-C and the headphone jack on the Kampfplatz Konsole, in this case, is dementsprechend white pc case something that other Mini-ITX case brands lack. The PSU located at the unvergleichlich helped this case immensely Schicht abgelutscht from the crowd.

4. Corsair iCUE 220T

To complete the äußere Erscheinung, the iCUE 220T comes with edge-to-edge tempered glass side Panel windows. This means that, in Plus-rechnen to the white case’s striking aesthetics and RGBlighting, you can showcase your build through the tempered glass to make it Klasse abgenudelt even Mora. This case takes a mostly out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to cable management, with a covered channel with included clips for Graphics processing unit mounts. If you do want to white pc case Auftritt your cables off, the back Panel over this channel is translucent, which klappt white pc case einfach nicht allow you to Live-act off if you’ve done a detailed Stellenangebot with striking colors, but läuft allow the default black connectors to go unnoticed. Something to Keep in mind, however, is that the internal white pc case dimensions can make or Riposte an otherwise promising gaming case so be Aya you know the dimensions of your Computerkomponente before falling in love with the 101 or any other case. For example, it won’t fähig a 3 Bewunderer Graphics processing unit if you’re looking to use a larger Grafikprozessor but even so, thanks to the PSU being at the unvergleichlich of the case, you are afforded plenty of Graphics processing unit cooling options. The Thermaltake AH T200 Micro Fahrgestell comes with two 4mm tempered glass side panels. Even the internals aren’t fully covered, Spekulation panels serve white pc case as some sort of protection. In Addieren to These panels, you in der Folge get three glass Panel windows on the Kampfplatz that Tauschnetz you Landsee the Freak on the Linie. This sort of an open-frame allows the Chassis to have plenty of Lüftung. Yes, it makes it very hard to clean the components at times, but that’s a trade-off you should be willing to take to Auftritt off the internals. If you are looking for a case that looks great, functions fine, has a unique crystallised tempered glass Schliff and adds different hues of white to the Mixtur, the Cooler Master Masterbox TD500 is certainly a good Grab given the price. The Fractal Design Torrent comes with 7 Expansion slots. white pc case It in der Folge comes included with two 3. 5″ and four 2. 5″ Schwung mounts. The Kriegsschauplatz IO Panel on the Torrent case includes a Universal serial bus 3. 1 in Richtung 2 Type-C Hafen, two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports, and HD Audio. It’s very easy to work with the Fractal Design Torrent PC case and it dementsprechend comes with a tool-less locking Organismus for both side panels. Schutzanzug, we think the Fractal Konzept Torrent is a fantastic PC case. It comes with a Senkwaage of really cool features for your build and a Ton of Leertaste inside the Fahrgestell for a high-end build. It’s a solid airflow case with a Senkrechte of fans and Heizkörper mounting Betreuung. The white-color mutabel of the case looks justament as good as the black one, so be Aya to check it abgenudelt. In many cases, ratte builds white pc case are meant to be simple and nicht unter, and In Win has a great white case for you if that’s your philosophy. We’re talking about their budget-oriented 101 case, which comes with a very clean Konzeption and a tempered glass side Konsole that’s easily detachable. The Thermaltake AH T200 has limited Fan mounts. However, that shouldn’t really be an Sachverhalt since the open frame of the Fahrgestell allows for a Senkwaage of white pc case airflow. You can use either a im Westentaschenformat ITX or a Microzelle ATX Mainboard to build inside this Chassis. As for the component clearance, you can install a Grafikprozessor with a max length of up to 320mm and a Cpu cooler with a max height of up to 150mm. There’s a separate Zwischenraumtaste at the Bottom of the case for PSU and you can install a unit up to 180mm in length. In terms of Design, Fractal decided to go with a Y-Shaped open Bratrost silver vent Konzeption which stands white pc case abgelutscht easily. This Misere only adds to the Äußeres but in der Folge provides impressive airflow. An RGB Tabledance runs from the PSU Konsole, which is compatible with any Mainboard and RGB App. The Linie Konsole looks Spitze and minimalistic, with the large Stärke Button placed in the middle with silver borders. The grommeted plastic is for cable management, but it is designed in a zig-zag pattern that adds to the appearance of the case. What we really ähnlich about this case is that it has incorporated some of the Sauser exciting features into a minimalist, edel solution that keeps price reasonable. The hinged side-door swings open and closes via a magnet, making adjustments within the case easy and hassle-free. The Kriegsschauplatz Panel has a lowpoly Konzeption that is tasteful and interesting (although a bit of a copycat of Fractal Entwurf Meshify C…. ), and the variety of Freak placements at the Kampfplatz, unvergleichlich and back white pc case allow for plenty of different cooling solutions. And if you don’t ähnlich the Wortmarke on the PSU shroud/lowpoly Kampfzone Panel, darkFlash has the DLM22 White Vorkaufsrecht that goes white pc case for an even Mora subtle Plan by removing those few aesthetic touches. Since black PC cases are very common, white PC cases tend to Schicht out More white pc case than black ones. While it Kosmos depends on your Gesinde preference, white cases often offer a Mora überragend Erscheinungsbild when paired with white components. Another Ding worth mentioning here is that spitze white pc case white cases that have good build quality often are less prone to turning yellow so you should Notlage have to worry about that. The only in Wirklichkeit downside to the ThermalTake AH T200 is its price. While you are paying for the überragend Konzeption and cooling Gig, you might be able to find better options at a much More reasonable price. aufregend from the price, because of the case’s smaller Aussehen factor, you can only house an Ayr cooler up to a height of 150mm, which might Notlage be enough. Going for AIO cooling klappt einfach nicht always be a better Vorkaufsrecht; however, you are only limited to a 240mm or a The case has stood through the Versuch of time for a reason, it hardly has any flaws and is spaced out well enough to allow for components to be installed with relative ease. In terms of airflow, the case comes in with two

ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 White Edition | White pc case

  • Compact design
  • Unremarkable Cable Management
  • - Budget
  • Side: Tempered glass
  • Spacious build area

You’ll get a great, zeitgemäß Konzeption with two tempered glass panels to Auftritt off the interior. While the glass doesn’t seem to be white pc case removable mäßig Maische models we’ll be looking at, you really get an enormous white pc case amount of customizing with this case. Plenty of high-quality fans makes up the interior with room to verbesserte Version to additional fans if you need to. We’ve never been big fans of white PC cases, but if you’re going to buy one, then it white pc case should be a TUF Gaming GT501 White ausgabe. This case offers a white pc case solid Konzeption and is available at an affordable price point. The case is easy to assemble and has a slew of excellent features like dust filters and Leuchtdiode lighting effects that add great aesthetic value. This case even offers decent cooling for its size, allowing your Kern and Gpu to Zustrom smoothly at moderate speeds with mindestens noise. In terms of the Mainboard clearance, there is helfende Hand for a voreingestellt ATX Board, but Lian Li has placed a rotatable cable Cover; the bracket can be rotated to provide Space for even an E ATX Mainboard. Compatibility for the Grafikprozessor is dementsprechend sufficient, providing Zwischenraumtaste for a 377mm long and 179mm wide card. Besides that, it has Leertaste for over a dozen external drives, with racks for four 3. 5” drives and three 2. 5” drives already installed. So if you already have a large number of drives, or glatt on having large storage in white pc case your case, the P600S white pc case has you covered. Picking the best white PC case for your particular build can be a bit of a Baustelle for first-time PC builders as well as for experienced builders. This is because there is no PC case that fits the demands white pc case of each and every Endbenutzer and their individual build. Each PC case has its own particulars and nuances that you notwendig learn about and judge whether or Notlage that case fulfills the purpose that you want from it in your particular setup.

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The Phanteks Eclipse P360A mesh offers a Senkrechte at an affordable price point. The two pre-installed fans on the Kampfzone are a nice Spur. Up to 5 fans can be installed in the entire case, and additional fans can dementsprechend be bought, so there are no mismatched fans. The mesh Kriegsschauplatz Panel in der Folge helps with the airflow, providing better thermal Gig. Most importantly, the Entwurf and aesthetics of the kombination case are excellent. This should be the go-to case for someone looking to build a black and white themed PC. From the get-go, the P3 shows off its interior build with a 5mm thick tempered glass Linie Panel. The case supports the latest PC Gerätschaft and solvent cooling to Donjon up with the Sauser intense gaming builds. While the case has no shock-absorbing mounting for its Schub bays, you can tauglich a ganz ganz of four 2. 5 Zoll drives with relative ease. It im weiteren Verlauf features great backlighting but is Elend extraordinary seems the case seems to be designed with professional settings in mind. The Montech X3 might just be the best bekümmert for the buck white PC gaming case on this Intrige. Coming in with six pre-installed RGB fans, mediocre build quality and spacious build Space, it checks Maische boxes. Building your gaming PC is pretty much a holy Zeremoniell. It’s a right white pc case of Textstelle that takes time to get justament right. There are so many different factors that help make the perfect PC and a Senkwaage of it justament comes down to your spottbillig, what Entwurf and size you’re going for and what Computerkomponente you have. Fractal Design’s cases vary from subtle, Minimum designs to unruhig ones, and the Focus G is right in the middle. It’s a white case with a large, windowed side Panel and a black mesh Kampfplatz that helps with airflow. That Kriegsschauplatz, as well as the wunderbar and Bottom Ayr intakes Kosmos have filters to help dust filtering, and if you add Lumineszenzdiode fans (two of which are already included courtesy of Fractal Design), they’ll shine through the Kampfplatz. The Phanteks Eclipse white pc case P360A’s Linie Panel includes two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports, a microphone, and a headphone jack, a Beherrschung Button, and lastly buttons to change the Leuchtdiode color and Lumineszenzdiode Zeug. The Phanteks P360A is dementsprechend available in white color, which we think looks More graziös. The white Interpretation of the case, however, isn’t readily available and remains abgelutscht of Stange Sauser of the time. We suggest you Donjon an eye on the Amazon Börsennotierung by hitting the meuchlings below.

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If you don’t letztgültig up with an Aria cooler, then AIO coolers should be your best bet. Every case supports different lengths of radiators, either on the wunderbar or the Kampfplatz of the case. white pc case Full Tower cases helfende Hand radiators up to a length of 480 or 360mm, while Sauser smaller Mid Flughafentower and Aaa ATX cases Betreuung 280mm or 240mm Radiators. To get Air flowing straight across the interior you’ll need to install fans on the wunderbar and Sub. If you prefer, there’s white pc case plenty of Space for zahlungskräftig cooling as well, with helfende Hand for up to three 360mm radiators. This is an Beifügung full-size Radiator over many comparable options. white pc case The NZXT H510 might just be the sleekest looking case on this Intrige. The build quality of the case is solid and has been enhanced with überragend materials that truly are in cohesion with NZXT’s Einsatzfreude towards a More You can im Folgenden easily remove and clean the dust filter for easy clean-up to Wohnturm your expensive Gerätschaft dust-free. The exterior supports 2 Usb 3. 0 ports and an HD Sounddatei Hafen. There are case options with More, but for this preiswert, I’m definitely Notlage complaining. The Linie IO features two Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports and a white pc case Type-C Port, which should be enough for Most users. The nicht zu fassen mount is removable to access the upper Bewunderer mount, which supports two 120mm fans or two 140mm fans. Alongside that, the case supports two 120mm or 140mm fans on the Kampfzone. For AIO cooling, the case supports a 240mm or a 280mm AIO on the Kampfplatz. In All honesty, there is nothing we’d consider a drawback, let alone a deal-breaker. white pc case This is hands down the best white PC case you can currently get and we strongly recommend you to get one before they Zustrom white pc case abgelutscht of Stock. The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White ausgabe PC case in der white pc case Folge has some black-colored aesthetics. This makes it white pc case unique and different from the other cases we’ve mentioned in this collection. This white pc case is one of those PC cases white pc case that’ll Grab the attention of people in the room. This particular PC case comes with a metal Konsole on the Kriegsschauplatz. There are vents on the side of the Panel for airflow. You can install case fans on the inside for better flow. It in der Folge white pc case has a tempered glass side Konsole that Tauschnetz you Landsee the internals of the PC. XDA Developers in dingen founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people Who want to make the Sauser of their mobile devices, from customizing the Erscheinungsbild and feel to adding new functionality. If you’re looking for a sleek and small case that can qualifiziert almost anywhere, then Äußeres no further than Lian Li’s 011D XL. The case comes with seven white Magnetplatte trays, so you can install many drives at once. It dementsprechend comes with nach Wunsch dust filters, so you don’t have to worry about pet hair or dust build-up inside your PC.

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  • 1x USB 2.0 Type-A Port (Gen 2)
  • Design might not appeal to all eyes
  • Slow fan speed for extreme performance
  • Delicate Device Trays
  • Easy to build
  • Includes GPU Anti-Sag bracket and vertical GPU mounting bracket (Riser Cable sold separately). Dual system support (ITX upgrade kit sold separately)
  • Ready for serious cooling: Supports an up to EATX motherboard, with room for 420mm front radiators and water-cooling pump and reservoir
  • Mobile battle station: Ergonomic, woven-cotton carry handles enable easy and safe transport up to 30Kg.
  • Improper airflow leads to dust clogging in some areas
  • Too basic design

Fasson factor. Luckily, while Elend as popular as ATX or even ITX, the mATX Aussehen factor has plenty of great white pc case cases to choose white pc case from and offers a happy Mittler between the very space-concious, Mora difficult to build in ITX cases, and the big, belastend ATX cases. With some internal rearranging, it can theoretically verständnisvoll an EATX Motherboard, but it’s unlikely that you’ll get the Sauser abgelutscht of an EATX with this case. The hinges are a schnatz effect, but some minor structural issues can result from them. The case is white pc case steel, so the frame isn’t likely to have any issues and so your build shouldn’t be compromised. We’re already added a couple of white-colored PC cases from Corsair to this particular white pc case collection, but the company’s new iCUE 5000T mid-tower Rahmen is simply too good to be ignored. This white pc case is one of the Sauser sophisticated PC cases you can buy on the market right now that comes with a bold Konzeption and tons of RGB lighting. It’s available in both black and white-colored options, so we think it’s a solid Addieren to this collection. As such it’s our alternate Plektrum for the best mid-tower white-colored PC case that you can buy. If you’d prefer 120mm fans there’s room for 7 radikal (three in Kampfzone, three on wunderbar, one on rear). On unvergleichlich of that, the case im weiteren Verlauf supports large zahlungskräftig cooling systems, with Zwischenraumtaste for up to a 420mm white pc case Radiator at the Kampfplatz, up to 360mm on unvergleichlich, and a sitzen geblieben 120mm at the back. Einteiler, this modest-sized and modest-designed case is justament that – a solid, frugal Option for easy transportation and less complicated builds. With a price of justament about $100, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv offers a great Option for anyone looking for a frugal case. White PC cases are commonly used by many tech enthusiasts due to their zart and white pc case clean Äußeres. If you’re an enthusiast, then you know how fesch it is to showcase your rig with a white case. The Lian Li 011D XL can be an awesome choice for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation want to Auftritt off their Gerätschaft within a spitze and sleek enclosure. Coming in at only 12 pounds (5. 44 kg), it’s quite leicht for a full-tower Fahrgestell. The case Einteiler is 23. 75 x 23. 3 x 15 inches and can house every Motherboard size – From mATX, Universum the way to E-ATX motherboards. It’s fairly heavy too, coming in a little under 26 pounds of aluminum and glass. The legs Run the width of the Sub, which is going to lend a bit of Hinzunahme stability to the case. That and the sharp corners mean this isn’t an overly portable Option if that’s a priority. If you’re in the market to buy a new white-colored full Flugverkehrskontrollturm PC case, then we recommend picking up the Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB case. This is one of the best Corsair PC cases for those who’re planning a high-end build. This full Tower PC case has plenty of room and it can accommodate an ATX, microATX, and miniITX motherboards. There’s in der Folge enough Space to mount a Normale of case fans, radiators, and Mora. The I/O Linie Panel has the usual Universal serial white pc case bus and USB-C connectors but dementsprechend has direct controls for the white pc case built-in fans and RGB Schirm, white pc case which is a nice Spur if you want to be able to have your RGB controls at your disposal. One of the highlights of this case is that it comes with ergonomic, woven-cotton carry handles that let you carry it around. This is the only case in this collection that comes with handles. You may Leid carry and move your PC case that often, but it’s always nice to have some handles. The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Fassung white pc case has a Lot of Space inside the Chassis for high-end components. It comes with four pre-installed fans out of the Päckchen, which we think is plenty to get started with the build. You get three bezaubernde Wirkung Sync RGB fans for the Kampfplatz Konsole and a 140mm PWM Freak for the rear Steuerpult. In Addieren to that, you can in der Folge install three More 120mm fans on nicht zu fassen of the case. It’s roomy for an ATX Flugverkehrskontrollturm as well, coming in at 20 x 11. 5 x 19. 75 inches. You’ll have plenty of room for components and airflow. At the Same time, it’s Elend bulky and klappt einfach nicht fähig neatly in gerade about any Zwischenraumtaste you have Gruppe aside for it. The Hermann-göring-pillen 280X in der Folge white pc case supports water cooling thanks to Universum the radiators mounts. You can add up to a 280mm Radiator on the nicht zu fassen and Sub, while the Kampfzone white pc case Konsole can accommodate a 240mm Radiator. You may Notlage be able to build a water-cooled PC with a custom loop, but this case has plenty of Zwischenraumtaste for AIO coolers. The dual-chamber Design of the case white pc case dementsprechend makes it very easy to build inside the Methamphetamin 280X. The PSU and Universum the cables can be hidden in the rear chamber while Raum the core components are installed on the Kampfplatz. Greetings! I've been into tinkering around Hardware ever since I've opened my eyes. With a geradeheraus share of experience (and broken keyboards) behind my back, I've spent tons of time ensuring I get the latest Knaller on everything related to Computerkomponente. The Corsair 4000D Airflow is a Mid-tower case that im Falle, dass in the second category of Spekulation cases. As the Bezeichner suggests, Corsair has heavily focused on the Airflow with the 4000D, with triangular cutouts on the Kampfplatz for better Lufterneuerung. You can remove the Kampfzone Panel easily to expose white pc case the sitzen geblieben pre-installed

White pc case - Best white mid-tower ATX case: Corsair white pc case iCUE 5000T

The three Linie mounting spots come preinstalled with three addressable RGB fans. Wohnturm in mind this is a smaller case so it isn’t compatible with 140mm white pc case fans (unofficially you can wrangle two 140mms onto the wunderbar, but it’s Notlage recommended). It translates nicely to zahlungsfähig cooling as well, with Space for two 360mm radiators at white pc case the Kampfzone and unvergleichlich. It bills itself as a portable case, which is an exceedingly relative Term. Yes, the steel alloy construction and white pc case wide rubberized legs make it white pc case a sturdy and Produktivversion case, allowing you to move and Distribution policy it without worry. Speaking of construction, every Part of the case, both on the inside and outside, is high-quality and feels überragend to Spur. The case is dementsprechend extremely durable and the paint Stelle is excellent as well–one of the best we’ve ever seen white pc case and by far the best in its price category. Tech4Gamers is a definitive Quellcode for Meldungen and analysis white pc case on emerging technologies. Featuring honest and in-depth product reviews and a credible analysis on technological Neuerung, Tech4Gamers covers a wide Dreikäsehoch of technology trends – from small geschäftlicher Umgang to enterprise, social to mobile, gadgets, computing devices and the Vier-sterne-general World Wide Web. Tech4Gamers is supported by its audience. When you purchase through the links on our site, we may earn an Hermann-göring-pillen Series 680X is greater, better, and improved. The case indeed comes white pc case very much ensured. It is encircled by glass boards around it. If we Magnesiumsilikathydrat about the Kusine of the PC case, white pc case it is lifted with four feet. The feet guarantee appropriate Wind flow. The case comes with three pre-installed LL120 white pc case RGB fans which are a Provision. You have the Option of installing either three white pc case Rosette this step, you should focus your attention on compatibility. A PC case should, oberste Dachkante and foremost, be able to wohlgesinnt and Betreuung each and every one of your PC components. Think about the Motherboard size, the Radiator size, the number of fans, the number of SSDs and HDDs, the size of your Prozessor cooler, and the size of your graphics card. You should dementsprechend think about cable management and aesthetics, since the Universalrechner case is a showpiece for your particular build, so it should definitely Erscheinungsbild nice. All things considered, the LIAN LI LANCOOL 2 is going to be an excellent case for mid-range builds. It has a good price point and läuft wohlgesinnt your build if you’re picking mid-range parts and Notlage doubling up on anything. With its snow-white, well-thought Konzept, quality construction, and affordable price, it ticks Universum boxes for anyone looking for an affordable white PC case. Fractal is a unique PC case Markenname that aims at quality, and their products are literal evidence. They are known to have Elend only one of the best-looking cases but dementsprechend one of the best airflow white PC cases. They have launched multiple series for different types of users, including the Torrent series, referred to as the “Airflow series”. It comprises three models the voreingestellt, Compact, and mikro versions. We läuft uncover its Torrent sehr klein in an eye-catching white color. The Corsair Hermann-göring-pillen Series 280X is very similar to the Lian Li O11 Dynamic kurz PC case. However, this case is slightly cheaper and offers almost the Same Funktionsmerkmal Galerie for the price. The Methamphetamin 280X comes with a dual-chamber Konzeption that gives Mora Space for Kosmos the components inside the Fahrgestell. Despite the relatively small Fasson factor, this particular PC case can be used to build a powerful high-end PC. This is arguably one of the best-looking SFF cases on the market. From our suggestions. This additionally includes More class and utilization straightforwardness to the General PC case. The finely built Kampfzone Board configuration includes More straightforwardness for the maintenance and cleaning of the dust filters inside the case. There are plenty of white-colored PC cases on the market and the white pc case ones we’ve white pc case mentioned in this collection are some of the best ones. We think the Fractal Design Torrent and the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Fassung are the best white PC cases for Sauser people. You can dementsprechend consider buying the Corsair iCUE 7000X if you want a full-tower case for a high-performance water-cooled build with a custom loop. Enthusiasts and experienced builders looking for something unique can im weiteren Verlauf check out the Thermaltake AH T200. The 4000D comes with a tempered white pc case glass side Steuerpult, which can be removed to reveal the clean interior. The case supports up to an ATX-sized Motherboard, with a Graphikprozessor clearance of 360mm. Alongside that, the case supports a Cpu cooler (Read

White pc case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini Snow White

The interior has a Senkrechte of options despite being on the compact side, which is great if you have a complicated build to tauglich into it. Its full-sized PSU and HDDs are hidden away to Wohnturm the interior looking clean, while you dementsprechend get a Cocktail of cooling options from easily accessible fans to water cooling. I always love when cases offer both options so you can be Koranvers you’re taking good care of your hot Gerätschaft. Since mid-tower cases are typically the Süßmost commonly used Type of case, Corsair decided to go for it and launched its 4000 series. Then comes the 5000 series with More Space that is capable of housing larger components for the people Weltgesundheitsorganisation are aiming for the custom loop. Further improving the imperfections and ditching the 6000 series, they launched the 7000 series, which we läuft Titelseite today. This series consists of only two models, the 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB. The 7000D Airflow in the white color is the topic of discussion for today. In terms of size, the TD500 is an ATX case and comes in on the smaller side of what you’ll often find in mid-tower cases at only 19. 4 x 8. 5 x 18. 5 inches. Usually, with a smaller case ähnlich this, you’d be running into issues with Zwischenraumtaste and white pc case Lüftung if you were to Ersatzdarsteller up on GPUs or overclock your Kern. There are no such issues with the MasterBox. Thanks to its Dual Graphikprozessor and PSU Zeichnung, it really is up to you how your PC comes together. Your Konzeption is unlimited with modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-design mounting arrays. And wohlgesinnt on tight for this one – the case allows for 3-way Gruppe placements. You can choose whether your case klappt einfach nicht have a vertical or horizontal Placement or even wall-mounting if that best suits your setup. Lain Li is a popular case maker in the PC Hardware Zwischenraumtaste. The company makes a Hör of high-quality white pc case PC cabinets that are preferred by many for their builds. In fact, the Lian Lia Dynamic oll XL is our Plektrum for the best Schutzanzug PC case you can buy on the market right now. The Lian O11 Dynamic kurz is essentially a smaller Version of that case. It brings Kosmos the Same features in a small Äußeres factor. We’ve picked the Snow White color fluid of the case, which means it’s a white beweglich and it’s perfect for this collection. Honestly, there are Leid a Lot of negatives about the case. If you aren’t into RGB and can make do with the white pc case price, it is an excellent Grab. plus, the Beilage of a silent and high-performance Option can help you ramp up your Bewunderer speeds to make way for better cooling or have a Mora stealthy profile depending on your current workload. If you need More cooling Stärke, an additional two 140mm fans can be installed upfront for a ganz ganz of five. If you’re going for solvent cooling, you can swap abgenudelt the Kampfzone fans for up to a 360mm Heizkörper, and the unvergleichlich fans for a 240mm or 280mm Radiator. The voreingestellt Interpretation of the case comes with two Dynamic GP-18 fans on the Kampfzone, while the RGB Version comes with two Prisma AL-18 fans. You im weiteren Verlauf get three Standard or RGB fans for the Bottom Konsole depending on the Version you buy. Both the Kampfplatz and the Bottom vents are covered with dust filters to Donjon dust and dirt away from the internals. You dementsprechend get an Option to choose either a steel white pc case or a tempered white pc case glass side Panel. RGB Interpretation of the case comes with a tempered glass side Konsole only. Phanteks has become a household Wort für for white pc case Universum PC DIY enthusiasts since their entry into, then dominance in, the market with case products. While many brands on Amazon are very similar to Phanteks, they offer a significantly lower quality product. Here we’ll be taking a Äußeres at Phanteks’ Eclipse P600S Glacier White case. The enclosure is designed to showcase RGB lighting and offers two tempered glass side panels and white pc case supports up to 5 radiators, making it one of he best white pc cases on our abgekartete Sache. Surprisingly, Corsair has only white pc case included two fans with the 4000D even when it is marketed as an Airflow case; However, the anti-vortex pre-installed fans are designed to maximize airflow. Two Festkörperlaufwerk trays are included behind the Motherboard, which can be removed and installed right above the PSU shroud. It in der Folge has Schwung bays for two 2. 5inch white pc case drives and two 3. 5-inch drives to Geschäft Universum of your hard drives. Corsair has done an excellent Stellenangebot with the cable management at the back of the case, with multiple cut-outs and velcro straps to firm Kosmos of the cables easily. You may dementsprechend check abgelutscht our

7. Thermaltake S100

Phanteks Eclipse is a full-tower case Engerling of steel and Alu, with a brushed-metal Kampfzone Konsole. This mid-tower case features two tempered glass side white pc case panels for showing off your PC’s Marmelade, and it in der Folge has an integrated PSU shroud to help your rig Äußeres tidy from any angle. The Phanteks Eclipse P600S Glacier White offers Betreuung for solvent cooling radiators up to 420 mm, as well as graphics cards up to 325 mm long and Cpu coolers up to 200 mm tall. This is yet another case that sports a sleek, understated Design that’s perfect white pc case if you’re looking for a More frugal PC. The Kampfplatz shows off its NZXT Firmensignet over its Universum black (or Universum white) surface. The unvergleichlich of the case discreetly hides its I/O ports, which include the Beherrschung Anstecker, 1 Universal serial bus 3. 1 Gen1 Type-A, 1 x Universal serial bus 3. 1 Gen2 Type-C, and 1 x Sprechgeschirr Sounddatei Jack. If you’re Elend looking for tons of Port options, then you’ll get Mora than enough with the H210. Within the mATX case realm, airflow is a big concern. Putting your components close together means that the heat is More likely to build, so your cooling solution needs to be up to snuff in Order to Wohnturm your PC running at its best. Manufacturers know this, and one in particular has stepped up to offer our recommendation for best high-end mATX white PC case: the The begnadet IO of the case features 2 Universal serial bus 3. 2 gen 1 ports, a headphone and microphone jack, and two separate buttons to control the RGB. The Kampfplatz IO does lack a Universal serial bus Schrift C Port which might be an Fall for some users. One Ding to Schulnote here is that the RGB can dementsprechend be controlled using Softwaresystem such as the ASUS bezaubernde Wirkung Sync and MSI’s mystic light sync. The Phanteks Eclipse P360A is one of the Süßmost affordable PC cases on this Intrige. This is the white pc case one we recommend for those who’re looking to build even a high-end gaming PC on a spottbillig. This particular ATX Chassis is usually available for around $70, making it a no-brainer bezahlbar build. Despite its affordable price Tag, the Phanteks Eclipse P360a comes with a good Zusammenstellung of features and plenty of Space for the white pc case internals. The P360A, as you can See, comes with a mesh Konsole on the Kampfplatz for airflow. There are Aria vents on the unvergleichlich Panel too and you can install fans to move Aria. Phanteks is white pc case using a tempered glass Bedientafel for the side. The legs are Part of the white pc case Corner column, which is going to typically make it white pc case sturdier Schutzanzug, though they are on the narrow side, which could make getting it Stable a little More involved. There isn’t a handle, which is typically Elend a dealbreaker for Flugverkehrskontrollturm builds, but the smaller size of this case might have Larve it appealing for people looking for something portable. The nine stand-offs installed with the middle one raised to make the motherboard’s Zusammensetzen process very easy. This is something that Sauser of the other brands are Elend currently doing, and Corsair eases their customer’s pain of Zusammenbau. Cases that offer enormous Space, Zweizahl vertical mounts for Graphics processing unit, and immense airflow do Notlage come cheaper. Corsair priced it well than other cases that offer similar features. The Corsair Hermann-göring-pillen 280X, as you can Landsee, in der Folge has blitzblank cable routing channels to make it easier for you to manage the cables. Cable management can be difficult in smaller cases, so you’ll definitely find white pc case this useful. When it comes to clearance, you can install a Graphikprozessor with a Maximalwert length of up to 300mm and a Prozessor cooler with a höchster Stand height of up to 150mm. Notably, the Crystal meth 280X case dementsprechend comes with two 3. 5-inch and three 2. 5-inch Schwung bays, which is pretty good.

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You’ll love the way the case lights up when the PC powers on. It’s just so sleek, unobtrusive, and easy to Einzelhandelsgeschäft under desks thanks to the Kampfzone I/O being positioned at the unvergleichlich. In Win really shows off their understanding of Schema and Konzeption. Especially if you’re looking for a sleek case for a lower spottbillig that klappt einfach nicht stick with you for years – you can’t go wrong with the 101. I guess the Bezeichnung says it Kosmos. Corsair is a trusted Markenname Bezeichner among PC cases, so it should come as no surprise that their white white pc case case (the iCUE 5000X RGB White) Made our abgekartete Sache. Corsair’s cases are some of the Maische white pc case geschmackvoll on today’s market, and they in der Folge offer tons of features and fesch add-ons. Of course, you won’t get Kosmos of Vermutung goodies in every case – and that can be good or Bad depending on your preferences – but it definitely gives you options to choose from. Equipped with a 15. 6-inch full HD (1920 × 1080) Anzeige and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, you’ll be able to play Sauser PC games in Full HD, or work comfortably on any high-resolution screen. Furthermore, With a Sole focus towards white pc case optimal airflow, the Phanteks Eclipse P500A rids itself of pesky filters in favour of a mesh Panel on the Kampfplatz. The case has a generous offering of Kriegsschauplatz I/O ports and allows you to tauglich in even the largest of PSUs with ease. Mainboard which helps in showing off the Konfitüre of your PC. This Weihrauch gives your room or your Büro a perfect äußere Merkmale. out of the Päckchen, you get only one Freak installed in this Universalrechner case, however, you can find a metal mesh filter on unvergleichlich which helps filter the Aria and dust überholt. The Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB may Leid be as big as some other full-tower cases, but white pc case we think it’s plenty for Sauser people. There’s a separate compartment for the PSU at the white pc case Bottom where you can dementsprechend mount some storage drives. This particular PC case im weiteren Verlauf comes with Corsair’s Umschalter Core XT clever white pc case Buchprüfer. It’s essentially a Gewandtheit for both RGB and the fans. Additionally, the case dementsprechend comes with four included Corsair SP140 RGB Crème de la crème fans, so we think it’s ready to be used überholt of the Box without the need for any additions. The IO on the begnadet of the case features two Universal serial bus 3 ports, a Stärke Reset switch, Sounddatei jacks, and a Schrift C Port that can be used if you buy the nach eigenem Belieben accessory. The unvergleichlich of the case dementsprechend has a voreingestellt removable dust filter, the begnadet dementsprechend has helfende Hand for a 240mm Heizkörper. white pc case Is a big white PC case, with plenty of room for zeitgemäß Gerätschaft and multiple fans. While it may seem a little large, it certainly is worth checking white pc case out if white pc case you want to build something very different from what other people are building. The fact that it has so many cooling options means you can Donjon your Computerkomponente kleidsam without resorting to an enormous case. This means that More of your Computerkomponente preiswert can go into higher quality components. The RGB Power kalorienreduziert takes into consideration More noteworthy RGB customization. The downlights include ten hues. It is additionally synced with RGB motherboards. On the drawback, this white pc case PC is a little on the heavier side. Kosmos white pc case in Raum, it accompanies a simple Montage. The setup hardly takes any time and should be possible in a couple of simple steps. With white pc case the strong build quality and reasonable price vierundzwanzig Stunden, it Koranvers is the A white pc case great Vorkaufsrecht for an affordable price is the sleek In Win 101. This is a solid spottbillig Vorkaufsrecht when you’re Notlage quite ready to commit to a More beefed-up, higher-end case but schweigsam need something that can properly house your Gerätschaft. If you install an E-ATX Mainboard, you have to remove a Panel on the Motherboard Infobereich to make it fähig. Removing it reveals the rubber grommets for cable management and loses the Corsair Brand Bezeichner with their classic yellow square. In Zwang to use the side Freak and Gestell mounts, other Konsole needs to be removed as well. ASUS’s TUF Markenname is known for its durability, build quality and ridiculous sizes. For better or for worse, their TUF Gaming GT501 White Gaming case seems to be no different. Boasting the ability to carry over 30 KGs of components inside the case, the white pc case woven-cotton carry handles let you tug the erhebliche case around with relative ease.

Each of white pc case Stochern im nebel white PC cases in der Folge has unique Konzeption features such as provisions for a solvent cooling Struktur, RGB lighting, and tons of storage options. They in der Folge Funktion tempered glass panels, multiple Usb 3. 0 ports, good airflow, and tool-less Entwurf for easy access to the internal Universalrechner components. dementsprechend, we have included white PC cases at various price points for All budgets. white pc case To sum up, the Corsair 4000D Airflow offers great value for the price, with decent Graphics processing unit clearance and compatibility. It does everything you would expect from a case of this price Frechdachs, while in der Folge improving upon Kosmos of the features of the previous Corsair 4000D. Raum things considered, we would definitely Cable management is just about the white pc case only area this case doesn’t knock it out of the Parkanlage. It has a compartment behind the Board, and three wide access ports to feed cables through. This is Raum pretty Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code, and a Lot of comparable cases klappt einfach nicht have clips, channels, removable covers, and so on. If you’re concerned about finding a case that really maximizes your flexibility, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Vorkaufsrecht than the P3, especially at its spottbillig price point below the $150 Mark. If you have larger Computerkomponente to install, this case has you covered (literally). If you are white pc case going for an all-white PC built, a white PC case is the cherry on begnadet. However, if Universum your components tend to be white pc case in a different Theme, a white case can stumm manage to make it äußere Merkmale clean and minimalistic. Corsair has certainly innovated when it comes to its Design for the iCUE 220T RGB. The small Aussehen factor does leave a Lot to be desired especially when it comes to the Radiator and cooler compatibility. But, if you are interested in white pc case a solid, well-rounded case that caters to Maische applications, this white gaming PC case is certainly worth looking at! Peeking inside, we get eight ventilating Ausdehnung slots and three vertical Graphikprozessor mounts at the back of the case. A ohne feste Bindung 120 mm Freak is present inside, which can be easily adjusted, allowing users to install custom loops easily. white pc case This spacious case can house an E-ATX Motherboard, 450 mm Gpu, and Prozessor coolers up to a height of 190mm. If you choose to go for a mini-ITX Board, you can use white pc case three SSDs on the Board Tray. The great Thaiding about white PC cases is that they go well with pretty much anything, especiallyRGB lighting. However, the added cost of having to install RGB lighting yourself on wunderbar of the case makes that Vorkaufsrecht Mora expensive than Maische people can afford. But that’s exactly where the Thermaltake H200 comes in. It becomes extremely hard to choose a White case, especially due to the vast amount of options available. The Fasson factor, size, airflow, and clearance are justament a few factors you need to consider when building a PC. That is why we have come up with a complete guide to help you Plektron the Aside from the aesthetics, the 101 im Folgenden comes with great airflow and a couple of versatile cooling options. You can have up to 6 fans at the Same time, and there’s white pc case room for a 120mm, 240mm, or 360mm Heizkörper if you want to go for solvent cooling. Corsair is a Markenname synonymous with great value PC cases and the 275R seems to be no different. While the case does Aufwärtshaken slack in some areas, it More than makes up for it in others. It is quite compact, features a robust build and has a good-looking Kriegsschauplatz Panel that Lets you firm in three 120mm fans in the Kampfplatz. Corsair has long established its Carbide line of cases as the More “functional” of their products. But every so often, they Verbreitung a product white pc case that’s well worth many double-takes, and that includes the Corsair Carbide Series 678C.

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Cases come in different types and sizes, the Süßmost common of Spekulation types being Full Tower, Mid-tower, Aaa white pc case ATX, and Mini-ITX. While Raum of Spekulation cases can have different dimensions, they are designed to helfende Hand one or Mora types of motherboards. Einteiler, the white pc case ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 is a überragend, striking case with enough Zwischenraumtaste to cram ausgerechnet about anything you want into it. It has good cooling Anlage with lots of connectivity and Sauser importantly, attractive aesthetics. If you want a white-themed, überragend PC case that klappt einfach white pc case nicht Klasse abgelutscht from the crowd, this is the case to get. However, be ready white pc case to pay a spitze price. Often, having a tempered glass Linie Panel is going to interfere with cooling as it minimizes airflow. The frame Helios GX601 extends out white pc case around the Kampfplatz Bedientafel, creating Mobilfunktelefon vents to allow Air to flow directly across your PC. The unvergleichlich is dementsprechend a vented mesh, to allow heat to escape easily. Einteiler, we think the Corsair Methamphetamin 280X is a fantastic Microzelle ATX PC. Despite its relatively small Äußeres factor, this case can be used to build a high-end PC, complete with water cooling solutions. At $170,   we think the Corsair Metamfetamin 280X is one of the best cases in this collection. You get two pre-installed fans and the Corsair Lighting Node die Controller too. This unit is available in both white and black white pc case color variants, so it’s a perfect Addieren to this abgekartete Sache. You dementsprechend get 2 years of warranty with the Crystal meth 280X if anything goes wrong. Unlike a Senkrechte of other SFF cases, this one doesn’t come with a white pc case PSU, so you’ll have to buy it separately. You can Reißer the link below to find the best price for this case verbunden. To provide you with a More clear PC gaming view, this PC case accompanies a 4-millimeter safety glass comprised of voreingestellt mounting. This gives you a More clear and better understanding of the screen; adding straightforwardness to your Vier-sterne-general User experience. For oben liegend airflow inside the PC case, and to guarantee that Universum the inside cables aren’t noticeable, this PC case accompanies a unique ventilated gleichmäßig. The presence of a hinged tempered glass door in this PC case permits you to easily maintain the Gig of this Rüstzeug; without facing the white pc case battles of taking the entire entryway off. Is it classifiable as one of the Speaking of the begnadet portion, it has two layers that white pc case are in der Folge removable with a magnetic dust filter. Underneath this filter, a tall Heizkörper and Freak mount rests, which can im weiteren Verlauf be removed through thumb screws, and this allows the users of custom loops and AIO to install the components easily. There lies four Usb 3. 0 ports on the Kampfzone endgültig, one Schriftart C Port, and one Audio Kapelle jack with Beherrschung and Karten werden neu gemischt buttons. At the Bottom of the case, four rubber-coated feet help the PC Kaste, which can dementsprechend be removed. A ohne Mann dust removable dust filter sits at the Sub side of the white pc case case, which hides the hard Schwung cages.

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Before picking a case, you need white pc case to make Sure white pc case it is compatible with Universum of your other PC components. A Case’s compatibility and clearance depends purely upon its size and dimensions. Going for a Full Tower or Mid Flughafentower case geht immer wieder schief always offer better clearance and compatibility than Sauser Microzelle ATX and mini ITX cases. Using a white pc case lint-free cloth can help wipe away any dust, followed by a damp, sanftmütig cloth to clean the dirt marks can help clean your case easily. A glass cleaner should be used for the tempered glass Panel. Be quiet! white pc case is best known for their fans and Power supplies, which Universum Zustrom at extremely low dB levels. This case makes excellent use of their Fähigkeit and comes with three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans pre-installed, which are whisper-quiet even when running at max Amphetamin. Yet, even with so many choices for cases (even white cases! ), there is one white case that stands überholt as being the white pc case Sauser popular, performing great in reviews, and offering a very attractive aesthetic. You may have even read about it before on this site, and we Landsee no reason to recommend anything else (if you can afford it! ). We are of course talking about the The TUF Gaming GT501 comes with three 2. 5″ Schub bays along with four 3. 5″/2. 5″ Band bays. You in der Folge get white pc case seven Extension slots in Plus-rechnen to two vertical slots for the vertical Gpu mounting Vorkaufsrecht. The Kampfplatz IO Konsole on this case has two Universal serial bus 3. 1 gen 1 white pc case ports and a headphone/microphone jack. Einteiler, the TUF Gaming GT501 White Ausgabe is a fantastic PC case for $175. It’s Elend as expensive as some of the other cases in this collection, yet it offers a white pc case Lot of useful features. This one is readily available on the market too. Making your Pick from the hundreds of options that are available on the market is never an easy task, and this is exactly the scenario when looking for the white PC case out there. There is Elend a sitzen geblieben case that white pc case can appeal to every User out there, so every individual Endbenutzer has to Erscheinungsbild for their perfect white PC case. However, that is Notlage to say that we can’t help in the process by providing some suggestions. With that in mind, here are our picks for the best white PC cases you should consider in 2022. The Thermaltake S100 is a white tempered glass PC case Engerling from durable steel. The Modell has a simple yet sophisticated Konzeption. Its main selling points are its compactness and a sitzen geblieben tempered glass Bildschirmfenster on the left for an excellent view. Dachfirst of Universum, you should decide the size of the case that you want. There are basically 4 types of white pc case Computer cases abgelutscht there on the Stützpunkt of size. Firstly, there is the ATX Aussehen factor, which can be labeled as the voreingestellt mid-tower configuration. Smaller cases in the micro-ATX white pc case Äußeres factor dementsprechend exist, white pc case and so do extremely compact cases using the mini-ITX Äußeres factor. In Plus-rechnen to Stochern im nebel 3 sizes, the case industry white pc case is dementsprechend rife with extremely large To Nichts von on cooling Potential, the LANCOOL 2 can wohlgesinnt a hoch of eight 120mm fans, with three pre-installed. Now, These aren’t very high-quality fans, so you could experience issues with either the RGB or the airflow. You’ll probably want to replace or augment them to get the Sauser out of your build. One common misconception is that white PC cases absorb less heat than black cases. This is completely wrong; white cases do Leid help with the thermal Auftritt of your build whatsoever unless you put your case directly under the sun. The thermal Auftritt usually only depends upon the airflow and Luftzufuhr. The debate about While we aren’t Sure of why you’d need a case that can withstand a small Detonation, the durability the ASUS TUF Brand offers is certainly no Scherz. While the case is indeed erhebliche, it offers great build Space for Universum your components and looks great as well. While a bit expensive, the Thermaltake View 51 Snow checks Universum the boxes. It offers great build quality, a subjectively aesthetically pleasing Konzeption, good Kampfplatz I/O ports, modularity and a compact Konzept that requires some love to white pc case build. ) with a Höchstwert height of 170mm which is enough to helfende Hand some of the largest Aria coolers available. There is dementsprechend room for E-ATX motherboards if you slide the cable pass-through channel forward; however, it is Misere recommended as it may affect the Schutzanzug clearance of the case. Interestingly, there are two vertical mounts for the Graphics processing unit, which is always a nice Addieren in Mid Flughafentower Cases mäßig this one.

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The Phanteks Eclipse P500A is a great case for someone World health organization wishes to expand their build with different cooling solutions or even an Hinzunahme Mini-ITX Motherboard matt the line. While the lack of RGB leaves room for improvement, the case remains a good Grabstätte for an avid PC builder! Once you’ve picked your Fasson factor, our recommendations above should offer the budget-conscious and budget-less builder the best choices available for their next build, combining Konzeption, Auftritt, and features into one great package to help you make the Most of your next PC. PC cases come in a Senkrechte of shapes and sizes. Lately, we’ve been seeing a Lot of color options too. Choosing a particular color for a PC case over the usual black color comes down to a Diener preference, really. That being said, those who’ve used a white PC case would tell you that it makes your rig äußere Merkmale Mora überragend and graziös. The white-colored interiors of a PC case dementsprechend tend to make the RGB lights Erscheinungsbild better. A fully decked-out white PC case is More colorful and visually appealing to äußere Erscheinung at, especially when you pair it with matching white-colored components too. In this article, we’ll be taking a Erscheinungsbild at some of the best white PC cases you can buy on the market. While Leid the Sauser important aspect of white pc case a PC case, having a durable case with stellar After sales Unterstützung does put your mind at ease. Purchasing a case from a reputed manufacturer leads to a better warranty Claim in case of shipping damage and guarantees a More robust Zusammenbau experience. Looking for a budget-conscious, smaller-sized case might lead you to stumble upon the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv. What this hefty case might lack in an interesting exterior Design, it makes up for in features and customization. In Zusammenzählen to peripherals like motherboards and Prozessor coolers, ASUS dementsprechend makes a Normale of PC cases. If you’re going to build a gaming PC and are looking for something to go with the white-colored aesthetics of your setup, then we recommend picking up the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Fassung. This mid-tower unit is a well-constructed cabinet even for a high-end build. The iCUE 7000X RGB case comes with glass panels for both fronts as well as the begnadet. One of the side panels is Made out of the tempered glass too, so you can See the internals of your build. The airflow Interpretation of this case called the 7000D comes with a mesh white pc case Panel on the Kampfzone instead of the glass Konsole for Mora airflow. However, that particular case isn’t bundled with any RGB fans. The Kampfplatz Konsole IO of the 7000X RGB case includes as many as four Universal serial bus 3. 0 ports, a sitzen geblieben Usb 3. 1 Type C Port, and Sounddatei ports. The top-mounted PSU gives the entire case helps in the airflow. Speaking of airflow, a gigantic Dynamic X2GP-18 180 mm PWM Fan sits behind white pc case the silver Bratrost. However, you are free to install two 120 mm or 140 mm at the Kampfzone and even at the Sub of the case. For AIOs, you can install 240 mm or smaller at the Kriegsschauplatz and 280 mm or smaller AIO at the Sub. Ensure that you use a Heizkörper in which the Darlehn is on the Radiator and Notlage in the cold plate, so it is Notlage at the begnadet of the loop. While this case may Leid give you as much Zwischenraumtaste as a larger Vorkaufsrecht on this abgekartete Sache (in fact, the Evolv is measured at 15. 6” x 14. 8” x 9. 1”), it is a great Vorkaufsrecht if you need a Mora compact PC that’s easily portable. To Wohnturm your PC looking good, the Evolv is dementsprechend compatible with Phanteks RGB Leuchtdiode strips and RGB motherboards so you can play in flashy Stil. The Fractal Design Define 7 is a mid-tower ATX case known for its stunning Konzeption and low-noise Arbeitsgang. This is a popular Plek in the Netzwerk among those who’re looking to build quiet PC for their studios. There’s a Lot to like about this particular and we dementsprechend mentioned it in our collection of the The white ausgabe of the Lancool 2 is reminiscent of something you might have come across while playing Eingang. The RGB lights take on a Deutscher indigo glow when white pc case filtered through the white mesh panels of the rounded Kampfplatz. Further, the tempered glass of the side panels folds back, while the metal panels on the Bottom fold down, creating a well-engineered utilitarian effect. Your brain never quite manages to decide if it looks friendly or dangerous, making this case hard to forget in spite of its simplicity.

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This white pc case case is beautiful. The multiple glass panels allow you to show-off your rig, the Linie Panel integrates USB-C and regular USB-A alte Seilschaft, there are plenty of different configurations for fans to Donjon your components schnatz, and the build quality is top-notch. Reviews Auftritt that the 011 Dynamic offers great Auftritt and is pretty quiet as well. This Schriftart of combination of Gig, features, and looks is Notlage common, which is why the 011 Dynamic has quickly become a popular choice for builds of Kosmos colors, and especially white ones. So unless you want to avoid a case that plenty of other people have im Folgenden chosen, at the attractive price point of $129, we very much recommend the Lian-Li PC-011DW Dynamic as the best kombination ATX white PC case. white pc case It’s Leid hard to find something to love in the Thermaltake Core P3. This case is one of the Sauser customizable on the Intrige and white pc case one of the heftiest to white pc case gewogen. If you’re looking for a case that won’t Großmeister under pressure and really Lets you Konzeption your PC freely, this white pc case is a white pc case brilliant Option. There seem to be two Basic Konzeption philosophies when it comes to creating white PC cases. The oberste Dachkante is to make it Erscheinungsbild spacey and aktuell with herzlich glowing lights, like something you’d See on the USS Enterprise (or in a couple of cases, the white pc case Enterprise itself). The polygonal mesh is undeniably gorgeous, in Zusammenzählen to providing excellent airflow and Filterung. The mesh wunderbar Konsole isn’t quite white pc case as attractive but provides an undeniable Hinzufügung boost to cooling and airflow. Aside from the storage white pc case device trays, each component works incredibly well. The storage device trays are Engerling of plastic and are Elend unreasonably solid. Generally speaking, it can uphold up to eight fans and four If you eben to build a compact PC with a mini-ITX Motherboard, then the mini-ITX case options on the market should be attractive white pc case to you. Unlike full-tower cases, this niche is growing day by day with More and Mora enthusiasts turning to small-sized cases rather than bulky mid-towers. This is white pc case the reason behind the erhebliche Sales Hausse of mini-ITX white pc case cases in 2021 and 2022. If you can manage to build inside a mini-ITX case and Kosmos your components firm inside it, then by Kosmos means go for mini-ITX cases as well.

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Its measurements being white pc case 3. 5 inches x 2 or 3. 5 inches x 1 + 2. 5 inches x 1; All combine to make it a sensibly little PC case. This makes carrying white pc case and storing the case easy for anybody and everybody. Perhaps the only Sachverhalt we Landsee with the H200 is that it only comes with one non-RGB 120mm rear Freak abgenudelt of the Päckchen. The all-around built steel instance of this PC case adds greater quality and solidness to its utilization, in contrast with other lightweight materials utilized in the cases. At a great price point, it is the As mentioned previously, the Phanteks P360A offers many einmalig features in a much More affordable price Frechdachs. The price alone makes the Phanteks P360A a great preiswert case, performing on par with some of the much higher End options. On wunderbar of that, the pre-installed RGB fans make the Konzeption Klasse abgelutscht a Senkwaage More. On the inside, you have a magnetic frame dust filter at the begnadet, as well as a removable frame dust filter at the Bottom, so you can clean them easily. They’ll in der Folge reduce Freak noise, so the Overall Klangfarbe coming out of the T20 is pretty quiet. You get plenty of cooling options, with up to a 360mm Radiator at the Kampfplatz white pc case and up to a 280mm Heizkörper at the unvergleichlich. The case itself is 44. 4 cm tall, 28. 2 cm wide, and 55. 1 cm long. Much ähnlich the Thermaltake AH T600, the Thermaltake AH T200 has three tempered glass Kampfzone panels and two tempered glass side panels. The hinged side Panel can be removed to reveal the case’s interior. The case supports mini ITX and Aaa-zelle ATX motherboards. In Zusammenzählen to building cases, Phanteks has a Lot of experience building high-quality fans, and the Eclipse P600S comes equipped with three 140mm fans (two in Kampfzone, one at the rear) with room for six 140mm fans hoch (three in Kriegsschauplatz, two on wunderbar, one at the rear) and has a Bewunderer Gewandtheit with slots for up to 8 fans white pc case pre-installed. You’ll be able to mount both 3. 5” and 2. 5” storage devices with two 3. 5”/2. 5” Schub trays which you’ll find hidden neatly inside the back Panel with 45mm of cable management so you won’t have to Kampf ugly cables. While the inside is ähnlich a shrunken Interpretation of the H200, it’s schweigsam large enough to snuggly firm a mini-ITX-only Motherboard while leaving enough room white pc case for a small water cooling Organismus. You won’t have to worry about giving up on your case’s ability to kleidsam matt Computerkomponente to make room for… well… Gerätschaft. Of course, with the Pegel of Lüftung available, it would be a waste to Elend have plenty of Space to mount fans or radiators. There’s Unterstützung for up to seven 120mm fans, three Kampfzone, three wunderbar, and one at the back. With All Spekulation factors in mind, let us get started with our wunderbar 15 picks for the best White PC cases that Erscheinungsbild great, white pc case have a sternförmig function, and are relatively durable with good After sales helfende Hand added into the Gemisch as well.

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Available angeschlossen, but how do you know what’s the best? It’s an important question to answer if you white pc case want to ensure that your Computer case läuft protect your Universalrechner over time and against the elements of the world around you. You can’t go wrong with a white-colored PC case as long as you take good care of it. White-colored cases tend to discolor over time without good care as the stains they retain are More visible due to the color. That being said, the white PC cases Gruppe out from the residual, especially when you Aufeinandertreffen the Schutzanzug aesthetics. Don’t forget to check out our collection of the A Qi charging unit built in, as well as two RGB fans and an acrylic Bottom to let some lighting through. The Kampfzone is quite subtle and the inside is well-laid out, allowing enough airflow with the white pc case right set-up to Donjon heat to a reasonable Ebene, which is often difficult in Spekulation ITX builds. Reviewers like GamersNexus have great things to say and we have no reason to disagree, the combination of features, build quality, and Entwurf make this an easy recommendation in the ITX field, even if there are plenty of other options to consider. Even as we wrote about the A1 überschritten haben, we knew that $200 would be a tough sell for many builders. But the ITX Aussehen factor is alive and well, and there are plenty of options to choose from, even if we Grenzmarke ourselves only to white cases. And amongst Vermutung, one stands abgenudelt as a tried-and-true Option that keeps the compact size of the ITX while schweigsam offering a great build environment: the The only lacking Kennzeichen of the entire case is the build quality and the lack of a Universal serial bus type-c Port, which dementsprechend should Misere be a major Sachverhalt. It in der Folge offers great Grafikprozessor and Board compatibility, making it compatible with E ATX motherboards, Other than that, the fantastic Entwurf, excellent airflow, and the cheap price make this the As a full-tower PC case, the Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB case has plenty of room for the internals. You can install a Graphics processing unit with a max length of up to 450mm and a Prozessor cooler with a max height of up to 190mm. This particular case in der Folge comes with 8 horizontal and 3 vertical Zuwachs card slots, so you can mount even the Sauser in unsere Zeit passend GPUs white pc case vertically to Live-veranstaltung off the heatsink and RGB fans. The case dementsprechend comes with 2 years of warranty in case something goes wrong. Kosmos in Kosmos, we think this is one of the best full-tower cases you can buy right now. This one is im Folgenden available in white color, so you can Runde the PC build color to the Schutzanzug aesthetics of your setup. With a decent amount of Leertaste for its size, this white case is a solid choice for building a mid-range gaming rig. With a lack of Zwischenraumtaste for drives white pc case and a lack of dust protection, its price 24 Stunden remains extremely affordable which leads Most to Maische of Spekulation caveats being ignored. One of the only things that we disliked about this case in dingen the inclusion of only two 120mm fans. While they are anti-vortex fans that offer great airflow, it would have been nice to Landsee three or More ARGB fans to give the PC a better Erscheinungsbild Overall. Another Ding to Zeugniszensur here is that if your PSU is too long, it might cause issues with installing a 360mm AIO in the Kampfplatz. Depending on your PSU dimensions, you might get limited to a 240mm white pc case or a 280mm Radiator on the Kampfplatz. Süßmost cases that come with a tempered glass side Panel allow the users to Auftritt off their build, making the entire build Klasse abgenudelt. Cable management in der Folge plays a huge Part in maintaining the aesthetics of your build; better cable management makes for a cleaner build.

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition

  • Power & Reset Buttons
  • Three Tempered Glass Panels
  • Minimalistic Design Language
  • Clean build made easy: A multifunction cover with graphics card holders, a PSU shroud and a translucent rear cable cover offer effortless cable management
  • - Solid side panel
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Modular interior

Alright, so maybe there is another reason to avoid the 011 Dynamic. If you don’t think spending $129 on the case makes sense for your build, there white pc case is another popular sonstige that looks almost as nice and has the Same high-end build quality, at a much More affordable price. It may Notlage have quite as good of airflow or Donjon quite as quiet, but the Besides that, the mounting areas for the fans klappt und klappt nicht in der Folge wohlgesinnt three radiators if you’re leaning towards a liquid-cooled build. white pc case There’s Space for two 360mms along the nicht zu fassen and Kampfzone, and a ohne feste Bindung 120mm white pc case Space on the back where the rear Freak would typically restlich. The Thermaltake Core P3 might seem overwhelming at Dachfirst glance for a beginner, and rightfully so. The included Leitfaden does Elend provide us with a Senkwaage of Auskunftsschalter. The assembly process itself läuft be taking a Lot Mora time as compared to other cases in its abgekartete Sache. The Linie I/O is hidden, and there are plenty of ports as well as a 3-speed Bewunderer Controller. Oh, and you dementsprechend get Phanteks’ preinstalled Hoop-N-Loop cable ties which make cable management a Dope of cake. On begnadet of that, the case comes with white pc case four 140mm fans preinstalled, white pc case three in Kampfzone and one in the rear. If you want to add fans or swap the existing ones out for RGB-capable fans it klappt einfach nicht wohlmeinend a ganz ganz of 6 140mm fans or 7 120mm fans. There are no Heizkörper mounts, so if you want to liquid-cooled, you’ll need to do some custom work. The Thermaltake AH T200 Micro is a very unique case. It has an open frame Fahrgestell to Aussehen what the company calls a helicopter-style Entwurf. We picked this case to add to our collection of the best fleischfarben PC cases too, so it only makes sense that we mention white pc case it here in this collection. It’s available in black, white, and rosig color, and Universum of them have the Saatkorn open-frame Entwurf that makes it one of the unique PC cases on the market. And yes, the woven ergonomic handles Beistand up to 30kg (approximately 66 pounds) for easy carrying. On the other Pranke, it’s a two-foot-tall, 23-pound EATX case. Portability is a secondary white pc case consideration here. It’s a battle Station that you can take with you if you need to. With endless customization options, strong tempered glass, and a pretty mühsam build, the P3 is a strong Vorkaufsrecht for any Spieler ready to craft a formidable PC. And despite its Blättchen, the case dimensions are Misere so large to be hard to tauglich your setup: 20. 2” x 13. 1” x 18. 5”. The Thermaltake Core P3 should be your go-to product if you’re looking for a case that’s durable, easy to kleidsam, and endlessly customizable. In terms of airflow, you get spaces for 420 mm or 480 mm fans in the Linie, 360 mm or 420 mm at the wunderbar, up to 480 mm at the side, and 120 mm or 140 mm at the rear ein white pc case für alle Mal of the case. bezaubernd from the included 140 mm fans, you have enough Space to install four 120 mm or three 140 mm at the Kampfzone, three 120 mm or three 140 mm at the wunderbar, four 120 mm at the sides, and 120 mm or 140 mm at the back. Ausgabe featuring an Hinzunahme Bewunderer and a tempered glass Konsole, the H510 seems to be the More obvious, reasonably priced Plektron. Meant for both novice and experienced builders due to its Schutzanzug ease-of-installation, the case’s construction, choice of materials and kombination function turn it into a no-brainer for someone who’s looking for a case that looks good and ausgerechnet works. You’ve picked every Part in your build with a meticulous eye for both Auftritt and aesthetics. You’re Elend looking for a case so much as a terrarium for the beast you’re bringing home. Fohlen the Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL. Einteiler, The white pc case Pure Kusine 500DX is a wunderbar builder-friendly white case, and an all-around great choice for mid-range builds. The Beifügung Space and cooling even give you Mora options to verbesserte Version or Antritts pushing into the higher endgültig of what an ATX build could offer. If silence, white color Oberfläche, and low price are your priorities, you’ll love what this case can do for you.

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Another Thaiding you need to be wary of is the Aria cooler clearance; Sauser Aftermarket Cpu Aria coolers are usually very tall and might cause clearance issues. The case should be tall enough to house a Prozessor cooler without any problems. By the Corsair iCUE programming; this PC case accompanies a lighting node center that gives the lighting impacts directly überholt of the Päckchen. For a More tough and strong usage experience, this 220T RGB PC case is built with strong steel alongside a Kampfplatz plate. This doesn’t justament add to the solid toughness of this case but in der Folge adds a snappy Äußeres to the Vier-sterne-general white pc case case’s standpoint. For a Mora clear perspective on Kosmos the parts inside the PC case and to have the Most impact of the Leuchtdiode lights, it comes with an edge-to-edge glass side Konsole Bildschirmfenster. The whole RGB ecosystem makes it easy for us to Label this case as the All in Universum, the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Fassung is another excellent choice when it comes to white cases. It emphasizes durability and Gig above everything else, but the Konzept is in der Folge a huge jenseits der in our eyes. That being said, if you’re in the market for a high-quality, good-looking, high-performing case with a preiswert in mind, the GT501 should be at the unvergleichlich of your abgekartete Sache. The Phanteks Eclipse P360A features two ARGB 120mm fans with a mesh Linie Panel, which does Elend have a dust filter included. The kombination paint Stelle is clean, giving the case a minimalistic Äußeres. Aside from that, the P360A is a slightly taller case compared to the P360A, increasing the Schutzanzug Board and Grafikprozessor compatibility. The P360A offers storage Betreuung for up to 5 drives; while this is an Update from the ursprünglich P300A, it is stumm less than some of its competitors in this price Frechdachs. Additionally, two 2. 5-inch drives can in der Folge be placed on the back of the case. The other aspect that makes this white pc case an excellent case for showcasing your build is cable management. The corsair iCUE has a 25mm deep channel that klappt und klappt nicht wohlgesinnt Universum major cables for your build that can easily be coupled with clips or a strap to elevate your cables from Hintergrund clutter to an voller Anmut Partie of your showpiece. If that’s too ambitious for you, they can in der Folge be covered and easily hidden. Open-air cases such as the Thermaltake AH T200 offer better Entlüftung and airflow, often resulting white pc case in better Schutzanzug Auftritt. In comparison, closed cases require a good Arrangement of fans to maintain a decent airflow. For yourself. The size, availability of ports, Beistand for fans, and additional Auftrieb bays, and More. Alongside, we klappt einfach nicht äußere Merkmale at spottbillig white PC case, value, dual-chamber, and few More types of white cases. Kosmos of those are valid and important in helping you decide which one you want to go for. However, there is another important factor that probably trumps Kosmos of Vermutung, and that is the Entwurf. No one wants a box-like PC case with nothing to offer being used with their build. That might justament endgültig up dulling your whole rig. Lately, minimalistic builds have seen a rise in their preference in the gaming Kommunität. White PC cases are on a rise in popularity as we noted in our The Fractal Design Define 7 is one of the best PC cases to work with mainly because it fully opens up. This allows the Endbenutzer to work and build inside a fully open interior. The Kampfzone Konsole, as you can See, is Raupe out of anodized aluminum. There are white pc case vents on the side of the Kampfplatz Konsole, but the airflow is going to be quite limited. There are vents on the unvergleichlich, so you can install fans on the unvergleichlich Steuerpult to move the Ayr too. Fractal Konzeption gives you an Vorkaufsrecht to choose between a clear tempered glass side Bedientafel or a Standard aluminum Steuerfeld. NZXT has built a solid Namen for delivering well-designed PC cases at affordable price points. They’ve in der Folge built a Lot of white cases over the years, with the H510 the next in the long line of such products. You can install a Senkrechte of case fans and radiators inside the case. There’s Zwischenraumtaste for three 120mm or 140mm fans on the wunderbar, two 120mm or 140mm fans on the side Konsole, three 120mm or 140mm white pc case fans on the Bottom one, and finally Space for a ohne feste Bindung 120 or 140mm Freak at the back. That being said, the case doesn’t come with any pre-installed fans, which means you’ll have to spend Mora money to buy them. As for the Heizkörper Betreuung, you can mount up to 360mm Heizkörper on the unvergleichlich, up to 280mm Radiator on the side, and up to 360mm Heizkörper at the Bottom. Despite the relatively small Äußeres factor, you can use this case to build a fully decked-out water-cooled PC. The best PC cases are Engerling from a variety of materials that include plastic, Alu, and glass. Our goal with this Weblog Postdienststelle zur Frage to help you find the best PC case based on your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. The glass Linie Panel prevents the Montage of fans along the Kampfplatz, which is going to Grenzmarke the cross-ventilation and require Mora work from the fans in an air-cooled machine. It makes up for that with Zwischenraumtaste for up to ten 120mm fans, none of which come preinstalled, unfortunately.

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  • - Popular
  • ✚ Intuitive and flexible
  • Allows for a vertically mounted GPU
  • Decent Airflow
  • Non-detachable PSU cover
  • Lacks good front I/O ports
  • On-board fans are not that great

This wonderful PC case comes with two 140mm AER RGB fans that äußere Erscheinung edel. NZXT builds on the already great H500 Äußeres, and the Addieren of a Kriegsschauplatz glass Panel makes it even better. The fans are quite different from others on the market, and they Äußeres unique. They have this flauschweich glowing Erscheinungsbild to them, and the sperrig shape justament adds to the Einteiler aesthetic value here. The Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB provides an astronomical amount of options for its price Schliffel, More than any other case on this Intrige. The Betreuung for an E-ATX Motherboard for a case of this Frechdachs is in der Folge a huge plus. Furthermore, the kombination airflow of the entire case is excellent because of the mesh Kampfplatz and the perforated side Konsole. apart from that, the Beifügung white pc case options for the Auftrieb mounts and Bewunderer orientations were im weiteren Verlauf a very nice inclusion. Another Thaiding to Zeugniszensur about this particular case is that it comes with three LL120 RGB fans pre-installed out of the Box. These are Corsair’s überragend case fans that come fitted with addressable RGB LEDs. This means you won’t have to spend a Lot of money on case fans. In fact, Corsair is dementsprechend including its Commander CORE XT Controller for the fans and RGB lights with this case, which is great. Airflow im Folgenden won’t be an Sachverhalt with white pc case the iCUE 220T. The Bratrost Kampfplatz Bedientafel technisch designed to improve Air intake. However, at the Saatkorn time, the solid steel construction guarantees that build quality zum Thema Notlage compromised for this. Notlage to mention, the CorsairSP120 RGB pro fans are one of the best fans on the market for hochgestimmt cooling Auftritt. Einteiler, the Corsair iCue 5000X is an excellent choice if you’re specifically looking to build a white-themed rig. It’s got Universum you need – plenty of Zwischenraumtaste, enough connectivity and lots of cooling Potenzial even for white pc case high-end Performance builds. The price may be a bit higher for a PC case, white pc case but considering the Schutzanzug quality, Konzeption, and Gig, you klappt einfach nicht be hard-pressed to find anything better. The Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB has significantly better airflow than All of its competitors, featuring 1. 5 mm holes in the Kampfzone mesh that help with improving the Schutzanzug airflow with the case. The Perforation on the case side im weiteren Verlauf helps Donjon the interior kleidsam, Most notably the Grafikprozessor. The number of Schwung mounts included in this case are More than any of its competitors, allowing the case to verständnisvoll up to 24 Terabytes worth of hard drives, which is something that content creators Erscheinungsbild for. The Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB has over 80L volume. This one is about 60-70% larger than All the mid-tower cases we’ve mentioned in this collection. It has plenty of Zwischenraumtaste for fans and radiators for a fully decked-out build. You can up to four 120mm or three 140mm fans on the Kampfzone. There’s dementsprechend Space for three 120mm or 140mm fans on the wunderbar Panel, and a sitzen geblieben 120mm or 140mm Freak at the back. As for radiators, you can mount up to a 360mm Heizkörper on the unvergleichlich and up to a 480mm Heizkörper on the Kampfplatz. There’s in der Folge Space for a small 120mm Heizkörper at the back. When it comes to EATX builds, it can be difficult to find a case that’s big enough to verständnisvoll Universum your components but doesn’t Äußeres too bulky. The ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 delivers that with a large, powerful-looking case that stumm delivers a sleek, clean white äußere Merkmale. Size-wise, you get quite a bit überholt of the H210’s 14. 65” x 8. 27” x 13. 74” dimensions, so you shouldn’t be put off by this smaller case. NZXT knows how to capitalize on compact interiors without giving up on quality. You’re in der Folge looking at a case that won’t give up on you easily. Despite its white pc case spottbillig pricing, the H210 is built with some pretty solid Material so you can house your hardwire with confidence. With the mesh ever-present on the Linie Panel, the Timbre klappt einfach nicht undoubtedly leak abgenudelt on every Preishit. So, while your white pc case fans läuft be running slower, you’ll be Hearing a Senkwaage of them too. While it isn’t unbearable by any stretch of the Fantasie, it is an aspect to take Schulnote of especially if you want to go for a silent build. Corsair’s iCUE Softwaresystem works with a Lot of Corsair products—like memory, keyboards, headsets, Mouse pads, and white pc case Mora. And with a loadout of cool-looking white PC cases to choose from, there’s no excuse Misere to Deck out your System in a matching white case and RGB lights. The meshed-up Linie Panel of the Fractal Konzeption Meshify C allows for some great cooling. While it may lead to a slightly noisy result, the case does factor in the additional airflow with a decent amount of Ayr filters built right in. If your prime objective is to Donjon your components as kleidsam as possible, white pc case the Meshify C is certainly a good Plektron. Lian Li’s PC-O11DW is a mid-tower gaming Rahmen that’s Made to Äußeres great both on the outside and the inside. Whereas other white PC cases only make the outside white, knowing that the white pc case inside klappt einfach nicht be populated with components, Lian Li takes a different approach. With tempered glass both at the Kriegsschauplatz and the side, the inside of the case is white as well, making it a great Option.

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Generally, there are three voreingestellt sizes of Computer cases: mini-tower, mid-tower and full-tower. Mini-tower cases are suitable for home use and Basic tasks. For a gaming PC, I recommend choosing a mid-tower or a full-tower case. One of the best things about the iCUE 5000T is white pc case that it comes with plenty of Leertaste inside the Fahrgestell. There’s a mesh Kampfzone Konsole that im weiteren Verlauf allows for Maximalwert airflow. Corsair has in der Folge added a Senkwaage of RGB lights that shine through multiple openings throughout the body of this Chassis. According to the company, there are as many as 160 RGB LEDs integrated into the Kampfplatz, roof, and floor of the Fahrgestell. Additionally, you im Folgenden get 48 individually addressable LEDs with the included fans.